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The Complete, Unabridged List of Social Fitness and Wellness Sites, Apps, and Devices

We've been compiling an exhaustive list of interesting products in the "social fitness/wellness" space. We're now well over one hundred, and it's clearly time to start sharing the love. If you'd like to make additions or changes, please tell us about it!

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Social Workout Makes Esquire's Top Social Fitness List

A. J. Jacobs, the World's Healthiest Man, has nicely included Social Workout in his recent Esquire magazine round up of top "social fitness" sites. Cool! It's a funny, short read and includes info on the big devices (FitBit, Nike+, Withings), as well as Social Workout, Fitocracy and Stickk.

"There are many good and noble reasons to exercise. It cuts down on stress. Keeps your gut from becoming walrusesque. Helps ensure you'll stick around long enough to see your kids go to the prom. But my main motivation for exercise these days? To humiliate my friend Kevin....



Endomondo Scores Big Coke Deal

Endomondo Coca-ColaToday's big social fitness headline: Coca-Cola forms "strategic alliance" with Danish fitness app maker Endomondo. Coke, (like Pepsi), is pushing to instill health-consciousness into its brand. Who says those Bloombergian anti-soda ads don't carry some weight? In any event, we approve of the move, which gives Coke's sports drink, Powerade, immediate daily exposure to Endo's global athlete-end users. Endomondo, clearly, gets a big marketing push. The service currently claims 12 million users, though unclear how many of those are active.

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Social Fitness Goes Tabloid!

The Daily News has caught up with the social fitness moment. Today they do a round up of apps, including Fitocracy, Zombies, Run, and Teemo. In building Social Workout, one thing we hadn't yet considered: Calling on the undead for motivation....

Social Fitness

Tech Startup Issues Twitter, Facebook Exercise Challenges

Make no mistake, a strange coalition of geeks and bloggers are on the march to save America from its unhealthy, bad self. Today's exhibit: Get Up And Move, a web application that allows people to challenge their Twitter and Facebook friends to complete specific exercise feats. This is an app after our very own exercise-meets-social-networks heart. Got a friend who needs a push? Simply log on to GUAM, and challenge said couch potato (or Type A overachiever) to knock off a minute of push ups, or to run for 15 minutes. It's beautifully simple, and kind of addictive, and (no coincidence) brought to you by a start up called Contagion Health. For the record, @socialworkout is accepting challenges right now....

Get Up And Move!

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