Spirit Guides

Brooke Siler's Two Minute Transformations

Introducing Million Minute Month Spirit Guide Brooke Siler. Founder of re:AB Pilates and the author of Your Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge, she's all about the small changes that really add up. In this month of minutes, take a few to check in with Brooke's body-awareness raising exercises. Give her two minutes, she gives you Pilates posture. Her five favorite assignments ("I give these as homework to all my students, including the celebs") after the jump.

Brooke Siler

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These are really great. If you have trouble remembering to do these ..." More comments...

Home Workouts

The Best Ten-Minute-Or-Less Home Fitness DVDs, Plus Zsa Zsa Gabor

The Million Minute Month's counters are officially ticking. And yes, we want to track your epic runs and your back-to-back spin classes, but sometimes the best sweaty minutes come in nice, compact packages. Got ten minutes? Our resident home fitness DVD guru, Kimberly Rae Miller, knows how you should use them. Among her selections for the Top Five Fitness DVDs of all time: "10 Minute Solutions Quick Sculpt Pilates, which she bills as "the HARDEST Pilates DVD ever." Also topping her picks: "10 Minute Solutions: Knockout Body," with instructor Jessica Smith, who Kimberly says "may actually be my favorite ever on camera exercise teacher." Our friends over at Fit Bottomed Girls have a nice set of recommendations for more mini-segment workout DVDs. But their truly stunning find: the 7-minute Zsa Zsa Gabor workout video. Amazing! (Full video at the link or after the jump).

10 Minutes Solutions (via <a href="http://www.amazon.com/10-Minute-Solution-Sculpt-Pilates/dp/B002NS9OH2">Amazon</a>)

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Home Stretch

Two Workouts a Day — You Must Be Crazy!

"Yup, I am crazy. I did a pilates class and right afterwards my normally scheduled yoga class....Crazy is the name and working out is the addiction." — D.A., today, 3:42 P.M.

Pilates (via <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/sazztastical/4137023260/in/set-72157622757910603/">sazztastical</a>)

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I took 3 classes today, a 1 hr spin class, think the hardest spin ..." More comments...


Olivia Runs All Over Boston and Is Amazed By People Who Turn Their Lives Around

Every day, we give you a snapshot of one fellow striver in fitness. We ask personal questions, he or she boldly answers. Today's snapshot: Olivia, aka oiwuc.

  • What's your secret (fitness-related) sin? Creeping on other people's time/distance on the treadmill next to me. 
  •  What's your number one workout spot? The great outdoors! I've been mapping running routes around Boston of various distances, then I usually come home and do some muscle conditioning. And when I have the money, I like to go to the Virgin Islands during the cold months and swim everyday. 

Celebrity Fitness

Charlotte York Doesn't Like Growling Men at the Gym

"Mostly I do Pilates, which I like a lot. I quit going to the gym because I got bored. It feels too aggressive lifting weights — there are so many guys at the gym making noises, going 'grrrr' and I found it awful."

— Kristin Davis (aka Charlotte from Sex and the City), explaining her pre- Sex and the City 2 fitness routine to the UK's Daily Record

Kristin Davis (via Paramount Pictures)

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Omg I just took pilates from Betty White.

If you closed your eyes and just listened to this woman's voice, it was like Betty White was leading this class. Except you didn't have to close your eyes, because she looked like her too. And she kept saying "sure" in that intense northern accent, as in, "I'm sure glad you all came out to pilates this evening!" Ridiculous. 

Yeah, BW.
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Mon, 03/29/2010 (All day)


The Shape With Chelsea Handler On the Cover Is Full Of Modified Pilates Moves

Chelsea Handler's family thought she was getting really fat, but that's just because they were watching her on wide-screen. She eats lots of Swedish fish but also does Pilates six times a week. And she'll never give up alcohol, no matter what her nutritionist says. Having a kid or a pet in your bed is a sexy sack saboteour. "Bad Girl" by Britney Spears featuring Lil Wayne is very good for the gym. Use alcohol wipes to swab down the soles of your feet after walking through airport security. Set an alarm at night to remind you to go to bed. Save $1200 a year by working out instead of going to therapy. You can wash your sneakers in the washing machine as long as you remove the liners first and choose cold cycle, then air dry them with newspaper stuffed inside. Eat a turkey sandwich before shopping, and you'll have better retail impulse control. Almond flour is packed with protein, fiber, magnesium and vitamin E. Losing weight won't solve all your problems, and everyone won't be happy for you. You'll burn 67% more calories if you walk with walking poles. 

Chelsea Shape

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When we talk about Chelsea Handler, we describe her as a hot cover ..." More comments...


On Pilates and Hip Circles

My question: How many situps, if any, is a Pilates class worth toward's one's Feralicious goals? (Can one even count situps done in a class towards one's feat goals?) My answer: You can count situps (or pushups) from a class, but they must be real, identifiable situps. No "situp equivalents," as in: "30 seconds of Pilates teasers is equivalent to 10 situps." No, that's a slippery slope.

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Workout Date: 
Tue, 03/23/2010 (All day)

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leg circles are fun...hmmmm maybe just a little....

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DVD Reviews

Non-Terrifying Yet Very Effective Abs DVDs

It's officially spring, which really means only one thing to me: in approximately three months I will most likely be seen in a bathing suit, in public. I'm pretty sure most of the general public is too self-absorbed to notice my ab definition (real or fake), but I notice. Thus, every March, I pull out the ab-centric DVDs (it's that or the Captain's Chair, and I'm afraid of the Captain's Chair). After years of testing, these are my favorites:


Online & Video

DVD Reviews

The Best Prenatal Fitness DVDs

One of my friends done got herself in a family way and came asking for some DVD recommendations to stay in shape. Sure, I've never had a bun in this oven, and don't plan on one anytime in the near future, but that doesn't mean that I don't own prenatal exercise videos. What?  That's weird?  People send me DVDs, I can't help it if sometimes they're for the more procreationally inclined.

Disclaimer: Since I'm not pregnant I can't really assess how these would feel if I were, but I did eat a really big meal before each video to test out its gentleness on the ole tummy. The sacrifices I make for science... Without further ado, my top picks:

Pregnant Warrior (via <a href=http://www.flickr.com/photos/justbecause/323286264/in/set-72157594422282242/">dizznbonn</a>)

Online & Video

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Passing this along to all my knocked up friends. It's definitely ..." More comments...

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