Impractical Eating

The Worst of the Worst in Restaurant Orders

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is out with a new list highlighting the very worst in restaurant food. The worst offenders:

  • Cheesecake Factory Pasta Carbonara with Chicken: 2,500 calories and 85 grams of saturated fat.
  • P.F. Chang’s Double Pan-Fried Noodles Combo: 1,820 calories and 7,690 milligrams of sodium. 
Cheesecake (via <a href="">cheesecakefactory</a>)

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I have one for you... Cosi's Sangria Summer Drinks are over 700 ..." More comments...


Dancing, Drinking, and Dabbing Perfume at 108

"Ushi Okushima is the oldest resident of Ogimi, the most elderly community in Japan, the country where the average age is higher than anywhere else in the world. At 108, she still takes to the floor for traditional Japanese dances. Afterward she dabs a little French perfume behind her ears and sips the local firewater."

— Journalist Fred Pearce describing the promise of longevity in today's Washington Post

Ushi (via <a href="">msnbc</a>)

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This is living! Let's!

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Escalators Hault for European Obesity Day

This Saturday marked the first ever "European Obesity Day," which organizers hailed as a day to bring together "to motivate and support overweight European citizens to reach and maintain a healthy weight to improve their health and quality of life." The day aims to influence EU policy, and there's a citizens petition, and some other official initiative stuff. But the on-the-ground efforts are the most interesting: Bulgaria celebrated by shutting down the escalators in shopping malls throughout the weekend. In the Mall of Sofia volunteer doctors were on hand to measure blood pressure, waist circumference, and BMI for folks hoofing it up the stairs. Had this happened at the Mall of America, here's betting rioting and looting would have ensued and that Cinnabon and Orange Julius would have been the first shops sacked.  

Mall Escalator (via <a href="">pink sherbet</a>)

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Locker Room Photo Snapper Sentenced

In Texas, taking photos of an unsuspecting naked person in the gym locker room can land you in jail for two years. But apparently if you make the right plea, you can get off with a year probation. In the case of a Fort Worth man who used the locker room mirror to discreetly snap photos, then very indiscreetly left his camera on the locker room floor, the right plea seems to have been, according to a statement, that he "thought the male was handsome and had a nice physique." See? Such a simple explanation! 

Towel Photo (via <a href="">saebaryo</a>)


What's the Fittest City in America?

Where do all the healthy people live? It's gotta be San Francisco — everyone in the Bay Area is training for a triathlon, right? Or maybe it's Denver where everyone hikes to work or whatever. Nope, turns out it's...Washington D.C. Apparently, the buttoned-up beltway crowd sweats it out after all those boring committee meetings. The District has now topped the American College of Sports Medicine's list three years running. Bottom of the list: Oklahoma City. The rankings take into account a whole slew of factors like disease rates, mortality, number of parks, pools, and other facilities, and lifestyle factors like how many fruits and vegetables people in the city eat a day. Turns out D.C. is packed with bike lanes, lots of D.C. folks are getting their five-a-day, and the city has a significantly lower diabetes rate than the nation as a whole. See where your city stacks up on the American Fitness Index info-map. (via Forbes)

DC Runner (via <a href="">Ed Yourdon</a>)

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Summer Fun

There May Be Something Worse Than Pee in the Pool

Before you jump in the pool this summer, you may want to check the pool's latest health department inspection records. A new report by the Center for Disease Control shows that roughly 12% of pools nationwide were in bad enough shape that they warranted immediate closure. Troubles with walter filters and insufficient disinfectants that could lead to mass gastroenteritis (aka, everyone at the pool goes home with stomach cramps and diarrhea) were the most common. Watch out for excessive disinfectant, too. Though that last one is not on the CDC's warning, it's on mine. Case in point...

Pool Float (via <a href="">titlap</a>)

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Multivitamins Boost Your Mood

Most studies on the effectiveness of multivitamins study elderly populations, but a new study looked at healthy men, ages 30 - 55. After 33 days on multivitamin, men who took the pill reported significantly improved mood, reductions in stress, and rated themselves higher in terms of "vigor." Their in-lab task performance also improved. The placebo group showed no such changes. As always, beware of snake oil. And it's worth noting the study was sponsored by Bayer Consumer Care. That said, multivitamins as mood boosters? Awesome! My personal experiment begins tomorrow morning. 

Pills (via <a href="">asimulator</a>)


Yoga Makes You Mind Your Manners

Driver's Yoga is catching on. The latest offering: Meditation and yoga courses for autorickshaw drivers in Chennai, India. The courses are, in part, an effort to soothe the nerves of drivers who spend their days as part of the swerving thrall of rickshaws, scooters, bikes, and cows. But the commissioner of Chennai's Police force, which is partially funding the yoga classes for drivers, explains that that's not all. In a country where a regular yoga practice can get you an early prison-release, the police are also hoping the classes will "improve adherence to traffic rules...and reduce the harassment by the auto drivers towards public." And you thought yoga was just making you feel all limber and lovely. Nope, it's traffic school/CTFO training.

Rickshaw (via <a href="">Raveesh Vyas</a>)

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Practical Eating

What Does a Vegan Ultramarathoner Eat for Dinner?

Scott Jurek runs like thirty miles a day, on an easy day. Cause that's what you do when you're a world-class ultramarathoner training for 150+mile races. To keep up with that kind of training regimen, he needs to eat between 5,000 and 8,000 calories a day. But here's the catch: He's a dedicated vegan who has to get all those calories without any meat or dairy. How exactly do you eat that many vegan calories without resorting to dozens of donuts? The New York Times gives the rundown on his daily diet:

Jurek's Dinner (via <a href="">nytimes</a>)

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D.C. Men Now Authorized To Do Yoga

Washington D.C. — not exactly known for being a trendsetting town. And if all the staid navy suits weren't enough evidence for you, here's another data point: Today's ground-breaking Washington Post headline, "Yoga, It's Not Just For Women." Thank you, Washington Post, like six years too late. Though the slideshow of famous male yoga enthusiasts they've put together isn't without appeal and amusing tidbits, like the fact that Shaquille O'Neal is so tall he has to line up two yoga mats if he wants padding for both his hands and feet. Curious about the rundown of dudes who are supposed to make Washington's males more secure in their yoga hankerings?

Shaq (via Washington Post)

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