Fit Kids

Chicago School Starts The Day With Sun Salutations

For Namaste Charter School's 360 students, every day starts with morning movement. That's before the hour of gym class later in the day. The charter school is public, with blind lottery admissions. Check it out.

Gym Class Virtues

Yoga for Fortitude and Steadfastness

"Currently, it is noticed that qualities such as fortitude and steadfastness are lacking in young learners. Inclusion of yoga in the school syllabi can help students cope with such problems."

— recommendation for the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education in today's Calcutta Telegraph. Kind of nice to hear a justification for gym class other than "the kids are fat." 

Yoga India (via <a href="">judepics</a>)


Are You As Bad At Counting Calories As The Rest of America?

The International Food Information Council is out with a new survey which shows that Americans are really bad at estimating calories. Like, really bad. As in, only 12% of us can do it with any accuracy whatsoever. A few of us need to shake off our freaky knowledge of calorie counts (if you know how many calories Certs have, I'm talking to you). For the other 88% of folks, PhotoCalorie is free. Not that you need to obsessively track everything, just that maybe you should know that your Starbucks tuna melt has 390 calories and the Outback Steakhouse cheese fries have 2,900.

Certs (via <a href="">caloriecount</a>)

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Ooh, you got me.  Not Certs, but Trident has >5 calories per ..." More comments...


Coaches Who Are More Than Coaches

"He's not just a boxing coach, and that's what really drew me to him. Emmett coaches people in life just as much or more as he does in boxing....Those little things he talks about are the things that get you far in life. And he's always been there for me, in any situation. He's become a member of my family.''

— Robert Brant, 19-year-old USA Boxing lightweight-heavyweight national title holder, describing his coach, 90-year-old Emmet Yanez.

Coach Yanez (via <a href=">Renee Jones Schneider, Star Tribune</a>)

Family Fitness

Kids in Bikram Yoga Class

I find kid yoga quite cute. But in my experience, kid yogis stick to their classes and grown-up yogis stick to theirs. But apparently not always. A blogger over on Momlogic hit up her usual Bikram class over the weekend, but one thing was different: Someone brought their 4-year-old.

Kid Yoga (via <a href="">Alex Buhrmann</a>)

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My friend's 7-year-old goes to Hip Hop classes for adults.  I ..." More comments...


Beating the Blister Blues

Sweaty summer heat is blisters' favorite time to strike, so count yourself lucky if you're unafflicted thus far. Lest you think blisters are but a small thing, the Washington Post is out with a list of bad things that can happen as a result of a blister:

  • It hurts.
  • You run all weird to keep from rubbing up against it and mess up your joints.
  • Your blister gets infected, you ignore it, then, as one podiatrist puts it, "your foot could get gangrene and fall off."

 The Post's recommended gangrene and blister prevention strategies after the jump. 

Blister (via <a href="">Daniel Morris</a>)

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Im the queen of blisters. I rarely come home without one. 

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Workout Wear

Toning Shoes Get Ripped By Experts

Toning shoes haven't gotten universally great press. Jezebel hated the objectifying EasyTone ads. Starry04 hated them too. Some studies have cast doubts on their toning claims. But now USA Today has gotten a bunch of doctors and researchers together to really rip the shoes. Juicy tibdits:

  • "Nothing about these shoes has any redeeming value to me." — David Davidson, national president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine

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I could walk for the rest of my life in these 'magic' shoes and my ..." More comments...


The Tanning Tax Upsets Greased Up Body Builders Nationwide

There was a time when going to the gym and tanning went hand in hand. And not just for guidos. It's not fully over — Well + Good NYC spotted a vestige of that crispier era in a Gold's Gym in midtown just a few weeks ago — but for the who-cares-about-cancer holdouts, a new law going into effect today may finally turn them off tanning. Now, all tans come with a 10% tax. Doctors hope it'll have the same chilling effect cigarette taxes do. Tanning salon owners are obviously unhappy. One tanning salon owner put it this way:

"I don't know when it was that the government was assigned in the Constitution to be my doctor. I think I should make decisions about how I exercise, what I eat, who I'm with and what activities I do. You know, before they know it, they'll start taxing people for not going to the gym."

Is it weird that I think he's onto something? A gym-goer tax break could be awesome!

Very Tan (via <a href="">roonb</a>)


Teenager in Billings Really Hates Curves

In local fitness news, shortly before 6 P.M. yesterday evening in Billings, Montana, a 17-year-old jumped the curb with his Subaru Impreza and careened through the front doors and windows of a neighborhood Curves for Women. No one was injured, and the unflappable ladies working out in the back reported that they thought the loud sound was thunder, you know, till they saw the nose of the car right there next to the check-in desk. Apparently it was a case of "oops, the clutch pedal and the gas pedal are different?" But here's the funny part: this is the second time a car has rammed into that particular Curves for Women in the last year. Accident, or subconscious teenage rage against moms expressing itself through Curves window smashing?

(via <a href=""></a>)

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The Gym Thief Who Leaves Your Jewelry But Swipes Your....

Locker room thievery isn't particularly shocking. But most thieves take stuff like wallets or jewelry or electronic gadgets left unattended. Not the criminal plaguing an upscale Denver gym. This thief takes pants. Local news report on the dastardly deed after the jump

Cherry Creek (via <a href=",0,7543814.story"></a>)

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Somebody took my coat once.  It was a cute fire engine red ..." More comments...

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