Julia Neyman

Gym Hopper

How Far Can You Get On Free Gym Passes?

You may remember her "caught double dipping at Equinox" exploits. We were so charmed by her gym-hopping adventures we asked her to be Social Workout's newest contributor. A warm Social Workout welcome to Julia Neyman! ~ the Eds.

The Subject: 24 year old female law student in New York City. Fitness enthusiast. Desperately impoverished, but equally resourceful (we hope).

The Objective: Get through 2010, working out regularly, without ever paying for a gym membership.

dumbbells (via <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/adrianclarkmbbs/2793076156/">a.drian</a>)

New York

Julia N. said "

Thank you guys for the comments! To answer a few:

Michny: I ..." More comments...

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