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CVS Employee Wellness Screening: Fair or Foul?

Starting May 1st, reports the Boston Herald, CVS Caremark Corps will require all employees on its health insurance plan to submit to regular wellness screenings. Should they opt out of the screening, employees are subject to a fine of $50 per month, or $600 per year.

CVS' policy is just the latest in a series of increasinglly aggressive and controversial attempts by companies to reign in their health care costs. CVS aims to "incent our colleagues to improve their health care and manage health costs," but the move is seen by some as an invasive and punitive policy that could lead to discrimination against unhealthy or disabled workers. 


Health Insurance

Getting Your Health Insurance to Pay for Fish Oil and Acupuncture

You like you some acupuncture, and dammit, a quarterly massage keeps you sane. But you never really dreamed that your lousy, expensive health insurance would pay for it. Well, you're probably right. BUT MAYBE NOT TOTALLY RIGHT! The Times' Patient Money column takes an exhaustive look at the ins and outs of getting health insurers to pay for things like acupuncture, vitamin supplements, and, yes, fish oil treatments to reduce inflamation. In case you didn't know, the official lingo for all these treatments is CAM, a.k.a. "complementary alternative medecine," and Americans apparently spend upwards of $40 billion a year on them. Bottom line: If you're willing to do battle, you might just get your insurer to pay half the tab. Assuming you have an insurer....

Feel Better (Via <a href="">Wikimedia</a>.)

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my employer used to reimburse us for acupuncture through a health ..." More comments...

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