Twinkie Defense

Drop the Pop!

Endomondo Coca-ColaA new Harvard study of nearly 1,878 Boston area high schoolers suggests that "heavy soda drinkers were much more prone to violent behavior than other teens." Doh! Apparently the effect is similar, but possibly stronger, than that of alcohol. Got issues with your Mountain Dew? Just click through to Social Workout's battle-tested soda drinking "limit" goals....

Tough Asana

Yogis Laugh at Pain

In case you hadn't yet read the recent Harvard Mental Health Letter, they've nicely rounded-up the latest medical research on yoga. The short take? Yoga helps lower stress and can ward off depression. Good news, though no giant surprise. But here's something: It also makes you tougher.  In a study of "stress response" that Harvard calls "intriguing," researchers compared various study populations' sensitivity to pain: "The yoga practitioners had the highest pain tolerance and lowest pain-related brain activity during the MRI." I give Urdhva Dhanurasana all the credit.


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