flog 10

Breakfast: Vegan Banana Pancakes w/ margarine and golden syrup
Lunch: Today was the Diawli festival in Melbourne so I ate my way through the afternoon with a masala dosi, samosas, and a piece of naan
Dinner: 5 spring rolls w/ sweet chilli sauce
Dessert: 2 squares of dark chocolate

Localvore! Flog!

I stressed out about this for no reason. I get a farm share but was worried about protein and starchy carbs! So I went to City Feed and spent $15 on 6 eggs, 1 loaf of focaccia, some local salad dressing and some blue cheese.
I decided to drink fair trade coffee (my research indicated this was widely acceptable) and allowed a few other small non-local items (oil, salt, pepper).


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flog 10.7.09

Flog 10.7.9 (+ brownbag)

*Breakfast* (brownbag)
cup hot green tea
1 banana
handful homemade granola
3/4c skim milk

*lunch* (brownbag)
bowl of Moroccan harira soup

*dinner* (brownbag)
Taste of Thai instant noodles
handful of garlic & chile roasted chick peas
handful of julienned carrots & red bell peppers
1 tbs parsley & cilantro

handful goji berries

Feat status


New York

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This is great...thanks! I'm running out of ideas for snacking at ..." More comments...

All FLog, No Exercise

The last couple times I've done this, I felt got drowned in details. The data was all there, in its not-terribly-exciting detail, but I didn't get a sense of overall trends.

So this time, I went through afterwards and counted things up, made categories that seemed relevant or related to other challenges, and so forth. So, here is my FLog.

Total Meals:21
Total Snacks:7

"What People Eat Around The World" - CA

Flog 9 (The Juice Fast)

I was dreading today. I planned ahead, I was going to attempt the juice fast on a day that I wasn't planning on working out and a day that I was the only person in my department in the office (so if I got a bit grouchy it no one would care).


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Flog Day 4, Smoothiest

Avoided the lounge so did better today.
Coffee and pie to start
popcorn with salt
quinoa stuffed pepper
smoothie with banana, orange juice and yogurt
raw peppers and dip
roasted potatoes

tomorrow will be locavore day!

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Also I forgot to reprort a tootsie roll I ate yesterday...just saw ..." More comments...

flog 8

breakfast: chocolate soy milk, pink lady apple, and rockmelon
lunch: tangerine and curried veggies w/ cousocus
snack: slice of whole grain bread w/ margerine and marmalade and 3 spring rolls
dinner: veggie burger on a bun w/ avacado, salsa, corn, and cos lettuce

This made day 5 of no dairy and tomorrow I'm going to attempt the juice fast.

Flog 10.7.09

Well this is a bad way to end my flogging week, but so it is. The truth hurts, I suppose!

On day seven of the Eat.Sweat.Blog challenge, I ate/drank:

2 c. coffee w/ 1/2 & 1/2
another watery oatmeal packet
2 handfuls of jelly bellies (that kind of day)

2 c. water
pbj on wheat
leftover quinoa salad (yum! but onion-breath like whoa).


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msh258 said "

it's ok...you'll hope back on the wagon...NOW!!!

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Flog 3

Breakfast: Hot cereal with blueberries and milk
Snack: Clemintines, Apple, hard boiled egg
Lunch: 1 steak taco, 1 tofu taco, chips and quac
Dinner: Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce, yellow squash, peas, corn and broccoli

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Flog That! The Final Flog

Today definitely does not fit into my top 100 days of healthy eating. But, seeing that I was out of the house at 7am for a breakfast meeting and that I didn't get home until after seeing Tosca tonight (ok, just Act I...I was too pooped to sit through the whole show), I'm willing to chalk it up to "one of those days." In any case, I've completed the feat!!

Water: 112 oz.


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