flogs 4 and 5

Since yesterday, I kind of ate too many cupcakes...
But we'll start at the beginning.
Pre-run snack: mini banana oat muffin with a bit of cinnamon raisin pb
Breakfast: Oats with almond butter, almonds, carob chips; coffee

chai latte vegan cupcake. yep.

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Yay for food logging even when you aren't 100% proud of what you've ..." More comments...

flog 15

Breakfast: Oats w/ brown sugar, peanut butter, and a banana
Lunch: Black Bean soup w/ whole grain bread w/ margarine
Snacks: veggie chips and 5 chocolate fingers
Dinner: from scratch pizza - just cheese and sauce
Dessert: 3 kiwi and a few squares of dark chocolate

Flogging, Day 4: I really could have used a glass of wine today.

So, today was a tough day. Two relatives call me in tears, and I spend so much time playing counselor that I'm late for work. And it's crazy. And I have no caffeine boost to push me through the madness. I leave the office with yet another screaming headache.


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flog day 1 & back to work(ing out)

I just got back from my fall break and am really feeling out of shape! While on break I ate tons of cookies, extra large portions of home cooked meals and only "worked out" (i.e. walked my beloved overweight old lady dog) twice. So, I thought this week would be ideal for my food blog.

Here goes:

1.5 bowls multi-grain puffins cereal with hemp milk

Snack 1:

Workout Date: 
Wed, 10/14/2009 (All day)

Day 14: All In All, It's Just A...nother Day For a Flog

My legs are still really sore from Bikram on Monday so I'm gonna try to at least get an upper body workout in tonight. I'm thinking we're probably gonna have another rainout tonight anyway, so soccer is pretty much out of the question even if I was in any kind of shape to run.

Anyway, here is today's flog.


Medium-sized smoothie 200 calories

If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any non-fat, low calorie pudding.

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I started off the day with the breakfast of champions: a cup of chai tea followed with a skinny latte (it was just one of those days).

For lunch I got a bit healthier had a salad of lettuce, beets, raw nuts and pepitas w/ a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice w/ a slice of whole grain bread.

I had an afternoon snack of a tangerine and 4 Cheds crackers.


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SW-e-AT, flog, and Smoothie #2

Deltoids and raisins, eh? I hadn't even seen today's food exercise pairing when I got up and decided to do the shoulder opening yoga download flow. But I certainly got my deltoids -- plenty of prolonged plankage, some serious chaturangas, and lots of shoulder girdle stretching (my fave: threading the needle) to show those delts some love.

today's smoothie, raisins and all
Workout Date: 
Tue, 10/13/2009 (All day)

Flog 2 (too. much. food.)

I feel rather embarrassed sharing my flog for today. I ate so much. It was my husband's birthday, and I guess birthdays are just rarely going to be great days for healthy eating. Nevertheless, I think I did pretty well in saying no to most of the cakey goodness that was available to me. It could have been worse.


Day 13: Snoop Floggy Flogg

Before you ask, yes, I am going to try to do a play on the word "flog" for every day of the challenge for this feat because I am just that lame. :o)

G Fresh is the king of bad puns, fo' shizzle.

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Flogging, Day 3: In which my body starts to miss caffeine

Suffering from a massive headache at the moment, where even the noise of the keyboard hurts, so I'm going to keep it short.

Breakfast: Watermelon, with salt and chile powder (it's good on pineapple, too.)

Lunch: 2-egg omelet with spinach, tomato, avocado, and pepper jack cheese; sparkling water with lime.

Snack: A handful of raisins. (Check, sw-e-at!)


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Thanks for the support, guys!

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