Body Web and Boring but Juicy Flog

Workout: Body Web at Crunch, which kicked my ass. I had to ice my hand when I got home, and tomorrow is probably going to be ouchy.


Flog, Wednesday, Day 6

9am Green Juice

12pm Pineapple, apple, mint juice

3pm Green Juice

6pm Cayenne Honey Lemonade

9pm beet-carrot juice

11pm almond milk, banana, vanilla, and cinnamon shake


Workout Date: 
Wed, 10/28/2009 (All day)

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I thought that was me!

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Brightly Colored Flog

Flog Tuesday, Day 5

8:30am coffee

11:00am RED, PURPLE, ORANGE (fruit salad with pomegranite, concord grapes, oranges, and apples)

3:00pm ORANGE, PURPLE, GREEN (celery with peanut butter, leftover borscht, carrot sticks)


Flying to NYC

I woke up this morning at 6am, actually got out of bed at 6:10, and after puttering, left my house at 6:35am.  My flight took off at 7:40.  I actually took the wrong exit on the highway, and ended up some place I had never been before.  In the end, I rolled up to the terminal at 7:25.


The Berm

So at NIke we have this 1.9 mile loop around the entire campus in Oregon that we call the Berm.  It's taken care of really well, and it's encrusted in wood chips.  I did this walk on Monday, because (sadface) I still can't do actual exercise.  This was also the first day I went to work in 5 days.



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yoga and flog (monday)

Yoga + flog day 5

8:30am coffee

1:30pm falafel with hummus and veggies on pita

2:30pm coffee

9:00pm shrimp and cheese grits, leftover green beans with almonds, home brewed honey wheat beer, and a couple of spoonfulls of ice cream

Workout Date: 
Mon, 10/26/2009 (All day)


Locavoracious flog – I'm the wild card!

I took on the locavore challenge today.  I knew it would have to be a day when there was a farmer's market nearby and one where I'd have time to track down local odds and ends. Everything was reasonably easy, even the flour (although that took some work on google).

Workout Date: 
Mon, 10/26/2009 (All day)

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yeah, I think I would bake my own bread.  Which I think might ..." More comments...

Flogging the weekend


Breakfast: Frozen blueberries and apples

Lunch: Scrambled eggs and shoyu

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast and zucchini


Breakfast: Almond milk, apple

Lunch: Fuchi-Fu soup (Like Peruvian egg drop), chicken breast

Snack: Pear and chocolate chips


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long walk and flog (saturday)

Took a long rainy walk last night.  Somewhere around 4 miles.  It felt good to be outside and doing stuff!


Flog Day Three (Saturday)

noon  Green Tea and assorted dim sum

2:30pm half an order of spicy lamb noodles

3:30pm half a honeydew bubble tea

7pm one bud lite

Workout Date: 
Sat, 10/24/2009 (All day)


yoga and flog (friday)

Flog from Friday!


2pm thai curry, a curry puff and a spring roll

6pm yoga

8 -11pm 4 cocktails

9pm half of a mini canoli

11:45pm truffle mac and cheese


not nearly as healthy as Thursday!




Workout Date: 
Fri, 10/23/2009 (All day)

Friday Food on the Couch

Another sick day down.  Haven't taken one in two years, and now I take three in a row!  Crazed.


Breakfast: Frozen blueberries, Water, Tea

Lunch: Steamed cabbage and egg whites

Dinner: Caggage, ground sirloin, zucchini

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