Naughty Flogging, Day 18

Oops...Baked cookies and had a lot of tasting throughout the day. Then a small slice of year old wedding cake after dinner. When I looked back on the day, I was thinking it wasn't that bad, then I had three cookies as I stayed up late making goody bags. Oh well you can't change the past!


Naughty Flogging, Days 16 and 17

Friday: Very healthy - just a small bowl of ice cream

Saturday: Okay - Split a glass of eggnog (my new crush), small bowl of ice cream, lots of snacking on cookie dough as I made four types of cookies, glass of wine

Naughty Flogging, Day 15

Another healthy one. A glass of wine with dinner and mint baked custard for dessert. I also had a few "tastes" as I was making buttermilk ice cream. Only mentioning it because I'm going to be baking pretty much nonstop all weekend so I need to avoid the "tastes" that can really add up!


freezing friday workout & naughty flog number...5?

got up and ventured into the sub-arctic weather of western mass to go to the gym. i did  rough 30 minutes on the elliptical with the resistance up super high. it was hard but fun! and not to jarring first thing in the morning.

Workout Date: 
Fri, 12/11/2009 (All day)

Naughty Flogging, Day 14

Yesterday was pretty healthy again...very good in fact until a couple small splurges at the end of the day: a glass of wine and a piece of (one year and one month old) cake. Would have been perfect if I had a slice about half as large, so I felt a bit overstuffed before bed.


Naughty Flogging, Day 13

Another healthy one. I had a piece of banana bread alongside my oatmeal in the morning and another sliver when I got home from work. I had a mini breakdown and ate several spoonfuls of sweet potato-ginger custard but restrained myself before it got out of control. I was doing a photo shoot on the mint custards I made and had a couple spoonfulls during the process.


Naughty Flogging, Day 12

I've actually been having a hard time with the whole naughty flog thing, only because it's hard for me to categorize what is an indulgence. I have a tendency to create unattainable standards for myself, so I can rationalize almost any meal to have an indulgence factor.


Naughty Flogging, Days 7-11

I'm going to to do my best to remember indulgences from my vacation. Other than the two fast food stops at airports, I don't feel the least bit guilty about my consumption. I ate and drank a lot, but almost all of the food was local, if not estate grown (down to the olive oil!) and nourishing, and I had an active vacation. I feel great!


Peanut Butter Bomb

Note to self: never order anything called "peanut butter bomb."  The word "bomb" should be a trigger enough to let you know it will ruin your healthy eating for the day, even if it's vegan, even if it's from your hometown and shipped into nyc daily, even if you only plan on eating half of it....cuz yup the box i took it home in means i actually ate the whole thing.


Mr. Mohawk said "

i have not had the pb babomb, but i'm a brownie dude thru and thru

" More comments...

Naughty Flog

I think I've been relatively good so far during this holiday season (assuming we ignore the copious amounts of wine, anyway).   Basically, my flog goes like this:

Wednesday, 11/25: ginger ale on plane ride.  some sort of italian soda-based alcoholic drink after dinner. 


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