Lunchtime Pilates

Kristen McGee and Equinox Soho. I found the last spot in the corner, and it was all very graceful, not excruciatingly hard, and ideal for the midday time slot. While we were doing some form of core clenching exercise, a woman behind me let out a significant fart. This caused the tatoo'd man in tights next to me to start giggling uncontrollably, along with his neighbor.

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Thu, 03/18/2010 (All day)

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This is making me giggle just reading about it!

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Social Workout is the Wind Beneath My Wings

Checking in today, and catching up on my reading here. My office has had shaky internet (and we're an ISP!) and hovering bosses, so my normal late morning early afternoon readings were out of question.


New York

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I forgot to put that in! Thursday was a running day, so yes to blog ..." More comments...

Health Matters

Ask the Trainer

Friend S. reports awkwardness at the Equinox on 63rd and Lexington, and wonders how to proceed. She can only workout in the mornings from 6 A.M. to 7 A.M., and her favorite machine is the elliptical that you can adjust for hills. Unfortunately, there are only a few of these on hand, all in a little row. More unfortunately, someone else works out in the morning and loves them too. Someone with an intestinal problem of sorts.

“I can’t say anything,” S. says. “But I know it’s him. So, every time he’s there, which is most of the time, I have to decide if I’m going to give up my favorite workout, or deal with the smell.”

Perhaps this is all too juvenile to discuss, but, then, these are the things that come up in close company. Should S. grow up and deal with it, find another workout, or somehow confront the man? Our surprisingly brilliant take after the jump...

Elliptical Training (via globalfitness.com)

New York

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I have a friend with Chrons disease. Serious stuff. One of the side ..." More comments...

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