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Equinox - 17th Street
Equinox - Soho
Not a problem.

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Place Review


...that's what some people like to call Equinox, in general, but the name particularly fits the club's West Hollywood branch, where hordes of body-obsessed A-list celebs work out daily. That they do is proof, among other things, that we all like to get out of the house. Clearly Jodie Foster can afford in-home pilates lessons, but she chooses to sweat with la raza. Human contact is important. Anyway, please forgive us if we go all Us Weekly for a moment, but among those our spies report seeing at the Chic-uinox are Dave Navarro, Chris Noth, J.C. Chasez, Bradley Cooper, Amanda Peet, Ryan Gosling, Drew Barrymore, Rashida Jones, Amanda Bynes, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Will Arnett. Note to our beautiful sponsor: Must poach that West Hollywood sales rep!

Jodie Foser (The Brave One)

Los Angeles

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8590 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
West Hollywood
Full, but manageable.

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Best Equinox Group Fitness Class Names of All Time

EXCLUSIVE: By our count, Equinox offers 459 distinct "group fitness" classes. Some of these are seasonal, and there are no doubt a few discontinued classes listed on the club's web site where we did our exhaustive research, but, still, one question comes to mind: Holy Shit! The awesome fertility of the Equinox Group Fitness program clearly begs some explanation, a deep cultural reading, at least an economic analysis. We'll leave all that to the physical education PhD's or American Studies majors who we hope are following this space closely. Meantime, we'd just like to let the names speak for themselves. Without further ado, then, here is our round-up of the very best Equinox Group Fitness Class Names of all time....

And How About Those Ads?

tokin said "

Just look at the woman who created the class: Stacie Lee Krauss. i ..." More comments...

Overheard at the Gym

Girls on Ellipticals

Two girls climb lazilly up on to the two armless Precor EFX machines to my left. We are now three in a row, as though on some tall commuter bus, sharing a midday vista of flat screen TVs on the top floor of Equinox Greenwich Ave. In my peripheral vision, I see that they are lycra-clad, and slim, one blonde, the other brunette. They talk. A stocky Asian man, in cut-off cotton t-shirt, does fast reps of kickboxing kicks to a heavy bag. I maintain 180 steps per minute, with level and incline cranked to 11.

Blonde: "You should join Equinox."
Brunette: "No...I don't want to pay $130. I can work out at my school. Also, I was in a class here once, and this guy hands me these pink, heart shaped pills! 'They'll make you feel good,' he says. I mean, I like working out with people my own age."
Blonde: "Wait! Can we talk about this dress?"

She's pointing at a magazine I now notice is open in front of her.

Brunette: "It's awful!"
Blonde: "Whaaat? I think it's gorgeous."
Brunette: "She looks good."
Blonde: "Yeah....." There's a pause. "You should try Pilates."
Brunette: "Really?"
Blonde: "My mom's obsessed."
Brunette: "You're mom has always got something. My parents are going to Vegas."
Blonde: "Why?"
Brunette: "My Dad has some finance conference, and my mom's going to get a massage."
Blonde: "Hmm"
Brunette: "My mom thinks I live this great life. I'm, like, going to Vegas to get a massage is, like, so far from my life right now."


New York

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I think watching Food Network while working out is like dangling a ..." More comments...

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201 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Not a problem.

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Laugh & Spin

In most parts of the world, spinning is about extreme suffering and catharsis. Spin instructors don't aim for funny, and that's almost always a blessing. Eileen O'Connell is the exception. A bombshell reminiscent of Teri Garr, she packs them in weekdays at the Santa Monica and West Hollywood Equinoxae, softening the pain with actual funny humor. You're in good hands on both spin and joke fronts: She's a made woman at Equinox -- Group Fitness Manager in the house -- while on Sunday evenings she performs in Hollywood with the Groundlings, the killer improv group  and SNL launching pad. Catch her on the bike, or on the stage. She’s a real hoot.

O'Connell (via Theatermania.)

Los Angeles

Class Review

There's Always Next Year....

Did you oggle Meryl Streep's daughter and marvel at Beyonce's ability to wear a dress last seen on Dorothy Hamill? Were you feeling slightly unworthy? Solution for Brooklyn Equinoxers: Dawn Parker's Red Carpet Ready class at the Brooklyn Heights outpost.

It's hard core.  Dawn leads the class through serious cardio sculpting routines with all the equipment out there: Steps, body bars, medicine balls, free-weights.  It's constant lunging, lifting, curling, pressing, pushing, stepping, skating, jumping, squatting.  I kept waiting for the easy part, and it never came. Which is awesome.  Dawn's energy is irresistible, and she throws in a little bit of celebrity inspiration here and there: "This is how Uma Thurman gets those amazing calves...  As you're lunging, think Jessica Simpson back when she could wear Daisy Dukes." 

Beyonce! (via Just Jared)

New York

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Equinox - Brooklyn Heights
Aerobics (All Types)
Always jammed. Get there early.

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194 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Brooklyn Brooklyn Heights
Not a problem.

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