Want a class that makes you push it?!

Take Elev8te with Amanda Young. It's a fantastic interval training class and she gives you anywhere from two level option to level 5! So, when she offers up a harder option - how can you not challenge yourself. Plus, the intense intervals really push you hard. She's great and so is the class!!

p.s. she used to do 30-60-90, so this is her version of it....

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Wed, 10/07/2009 (All day)

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54th & 2nd

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Back In the Zone....

Two weeks ago when I took Practice (class at Equinox) I was sore for a week!
Now I'm back! Last night's class was a breeze. Quads a little sore - but it's GOOD PAIN!
Class was packed and the music was pumping - I was so in the zone! Love taking classes....it's like an IV drip - I derive great energy and leave class feeling better than when I came in....
Can't wait until tonight's workout!

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Mon, 10/05/2009 (All day)


Yoga for Athletes

Going to yoga tonight...great counterworkout to Purgatory Bootcamp. Great way to end the week and I am totally looking forward to it! Can't wait to do Crow!

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Fri, 10/02/2009 (All day)


Purgatory Bootcamp

45 minutes, no frills, no excuses, much sweat, many drills, and the discovery that YES YOU CAN!

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Thu, 10/01/2009 (All day)

Gym Ads

Revenge Abs and Vengeance Booty

The new ads went up on the side of Chelsea phone booths a few weeks ago, and we got email right away. "The yogi in me wants to barf," wrote one friend. The ads are for the New York Health and Racquet Club's lineup of fall classes: Revenge Abs and Vengeance Booty. They feature male abs and female booty, and full narrative arc, as in: "He found true love, but she found a dude in a Jaguar. Now it's payback time. Revenge Abs."

See, even if you've found love, guys, unacceptable for your ex to shack up with someone richer than you. Solution: Get better abs. Vengeance Booty is for the ladies: "She was smitten on Memorial Day and dumped on Labor Day. Now it's payback time." Equal Writes, a clever local blog, nailed it: "Because nothing will make a person regret breaking up with you like proving to them that you’re completely shallow."

NYHRC is in a tough place. They lack the earnest, clawing-our-way-out-of-bankruptcy allure of Crunch, and the cooly, efficient elitism of Equinox, not to mention the unapologetic sex appeal of David Barton. But they desperately want to be popular! If David can get away with those shocking ads, why can't we?

I'm sympathetic, even as I cringe. NYHRC does have some nice gyms, (and they're opening a new one with a swimming pool on 21st and Park Avenue South any day now.) But I fear they're not exactly sure what they're all about. Does the NYHRC membership in Great Neck really stand for such a cynical, revenge-driven take on human relations? Hmm, on second thought, maybe they do. Regardless, note to NYHRC marketing, here is the first rule of thumb for the gym advertising arms race: Make it as sexy as you want, but ALSO life (and self) affirming. Superficial is OK, but not petty. When we're lost in mindless reverie several blocks from the office, we're happy to to see an unrealistically toned and sweaty body, but we don't want to be reminded of our neurotic fixation on exes, nor on our anger management problems.

(Photo Credit: Equal Writes)

Vengeance Booty (Via <a href="http://equalwrites.blogspot.com/2009/09/vengeance-is-thine.html">Equal Writes</a>.)

New York

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Monday Usual

Darryl spinning at Equi Soho. Worried in passing if I might have a heart attack. Resolved to spend money on better looking gym clothes. My outfits are ridiculous, and impractical. I'm going with capris, the better to accentuate my long, borderline scrawny, excessively hairy legs. Not to beat myself up. I think I'll look half decent in a pair of capris.

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Mon, 08/24/2009 (All day)

twinklefee said "

I've decided that fancy workout (read: not from old navy) outfits ..." More comments...

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Spinning and Rocky Situps

7:30 Spin class with Amy Amato at Equinox SoHo. Class wasn't devestationg, and I mainly obsessed about whether my body odor was apparent to the women on either side of me. It wasn't killer, but it was hard, and it felt good to be back on the bike after a while. Then situps and curls in the main room, where people oggle each other. A man next to me did hip thrusts, about which I will write.

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Mon, 08/03/2009 (All day)

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