Endomondo Scores Big Coke Deal

Endomondo Coca-ColaToday's big social fitness headline: Coca-Cola forms "strategic alliance" with Danish fitness app maker Endomondo. Coke, (like Pepsi), is pushing to instill health-consciousness into its brand. Who says those Bloombergian anti-soda ads don't carry some weight? In any event, we approve of the move, which gives Coke's sports drink, Powerade, immediate daily exposure to Endo's global athlete-end users. Endomondo, clearly, gets a big marketing push. The service currently claims 12 million users, though unclear how many of those are active.

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Aerial Silks class deal....just in case anyone is interested!

This morning in my inbox:

Today's Loot lets you suspend your normally earth-bound ways for a chance to achieve great heights. For $30 $20 (that's 33% off) take an Aerial Silks Class with Cody Schreger, a master of the beautiful, challenging and increasingly popular art of aerial silks.


New York


Crunch Open House and Barbecue

Unpaid Public Service Announcement: Crunch is hosting an all day barbecue and open house tomorrow. This means that you and all your friends, members and non-members, can go work out at any Crunch, and then eat "healthy barbecue treats" together. (Check here for deets.) Give the Crunchies credit for being unexpected and generous. Or possibly desperate. Regardless, not a bad day to saunter into your local Crunch.

Crunch Meatheads!


Recycle-A-Bicycle Bike Season Launch Party

  • Who: Eastern Mountain Sports in Soho (corner of Spring and Broadway)
  • What: Used bike drive (used bikes donated to Recycle-a-Bicycle), plus raffle prizes, free NYC bike path maps, a showcase of all the season's new bikes, and special deals on EMS gear and apparel.
  • When: Thursday, May 13th, 7-9 P.M.
Recycle-A-Bicycle (via <a href=""></a>)

New York


One Night Only: Pure Yoga is Only Kind of Expensive

Ring. I answer. It's the sales lady from Pure Yoga. Did I know that tonight they have a "one night only" deal on new membership? "It's just $45 to join tonight," she says. "Hmm," says I, "what's it normally?" Well, for a full year membership the initiation can be $400. Wow, I say, that's a discount. We hang up. Discussion ensues. "That's not a deal," says Katie. "Well, it is a big discount," I say. "And everyone, like K. Ben and Mindy B. seem to like Pure."

"I was thinking of joining," says Charity.

OK, fancy uptown yogis, there's the intel: Stop by tonight or just call to get your not-quite-as-expensive-as-yesterday deal. Or maybe wait a few months for the inevitable discounts to come around again. Related thoughts: Does all this (i.e. yoga telesales) seem a bit reminiscent of grim gymland sales tactics? And where will this corporatizing of yoga take us? Finally, could the gym-membership-model yoga studios be struggling, and, if so, will Yogaworks discounts be far behind...?

Pure Yoga Zen Room

New York

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Damn. Wish I got this phone call. I just now saw this - rats!

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Deal Alerts

Web Geeks Never Pay Full Retail for Pole Dancing

Listen up technophobes and Twitter reactionaries: The web is increasingly filled with clever ways to save money on premium brand fitness. New Year's Edition challengers have been spotting these all week, and we've decided to start rounding them up, along with any other, physical world, deals we stumble upon. Without further ado, today's Web 2.0 fitness haul:

Enjoy, or don't. But we'll keep trolling the coupon pages so you don't have to. Happy Friday.

New York Pole Dancing!

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That picture scares me.

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Fitness Moolah

The Real Deal on New Year's Gym Deals

Tis the season for gym deals. The New York Times reports that Crunch has 50% off their initiation fee, and New York Sports Club has $0 initiation and no monthly payments till February. But sadly, the Times doesn't report much more than that. Probably because most gyms purposefully make it difficult to comparison shop. Most don't publish membership prices on their websites, and they're even cagey over the phone. You have to set up appointments with "membership coordinators," go on club tours, and only then will they show you little pieces of paper with fees printed on them, which they then slash through, whispering that they have a special deal if you sign up right now. 

But that's just silly and intentionally opaque in a way that denies the power of the internet. You should know the deal, and collectively, we have all the information. Here's everything SW currently knows about New Year's gym prices...

Deals (via <a href="">Chester Higgins</a>)

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Equinox and Crunch both partner with a lot of companies so ask about ..." More comments...


Biggest, Most Deluxe, Most Empty Gym in New York

24 Hour Fitness is the largest gym club in the world, with millions of locations, BUT only four top level, all-the-bells-and-whistls "Ultra Sports Clubs." Turns out one of these opened three weeks ago about two feet from Social Workout headquarters. And we hardly noticed. Really. It's difficult to hide a 100,000-plus square foot gym, but the Derek Jeter 24 Hour Fitness hit Soho with all the fury of a Radio Shack. No doubt some of its impact has been lost inside the cultural apocolypse that is the Hollister store. Still. I stopped by to investigate this morning at 8 A.M. and found row after row of pristine new cardio machines, each with its own TV. A huge weight-room floor. Big windows. Lots of light. No people. Think Neutron bomb.

OK, four people, including Calvin Stevens, who was teaching circuit training bootcamp. Calvin, I must say, rocks: High-energy, charming, and he sang along to Beyonce while cajoling me into lunging and jumping faster. "I like it, but I don't love it!" he'd yell when our pace lagged. All that energy for three of us.

If you're looking for a high end gym, massively uncrowded, in Soho, for just $69 a month, I've got a tip for you....  And I mean nice. The locker room is not ridiculous like David Barton, but fully functional with razors and spray deodorant. And you don't have to bring your own lock (such a hassle) because the lockers are those cool ones with the built-in, programmable key pad. $69 a month is about $80 a month less than the Equinox down the block. And that gets you access to all the other 24 Fitnesses on the planet. Of course, it might be a little loney, but there are trade offs. Naturally, they're giving away free seven day passes.

Soho Cardio Room (via <a href="">24hourfitness</a>)

New York

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Specialty Gyms

Brooklyn Boulders Opens Tomorrow

Brooklyn Boulders, the massive new climbing gym just off the Gowanus Canal between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens, celebrates its grand opening tomorrow. Rest assured we'll be there to check it out. We're hoping to be wowed by the facility. In the meantime, we're pretty impressed by their deals. The intro package — two day passes, gear rental, instruction in "belaying" and other basic skills — rings up at a mere $60. Add a month long membership to your intro class, and the price jumps to $100. Not bad! More deets mañana. 

Brooklyn Boulders (via <a href=""></a>)

New York

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Keep us updated on the facility, I am pretty interested in looking ..." More comments...

Retail Alerts

Underwear Secrets from College Girls

Fact: Girls who live in college dormitories know underwear. Freshman year mostly involves strutting around in boxer-briefs and Uggs, and those briefs must be cute, comfy, and cheap. In case you're out of the loop, the preferred bra and undie brand of the dormitory set is aerie. Aerie is a sub-brand of American Eagle, but don't scoff. Their 5 for $25 briefs and bikinis fit much better than Victoria's Secret similarly priced PINK line. Better yet is the aerie f.i.t. line — super cute workout shorts, pants, tops, and adorable sports bras, all at work-study prices. Forget $100 yoga pants. Aerie's top of the line are just $49.50, and right now they're buy one get one 50% off. How hot is aerie? New Balance just premiered a special edition aerie-branded sneaker. Reportedly, they're made with "a proprietary cushioning foam that resists compression for all day comfort." Hmm, I'd probably just stick with the underwear, but I will say this: The shoes are cute, and they're only $64.50. Tip for downtowners: When next shopping in Union Square, browse around at Lulu and Paragon, then go stock up on essentials at aerie.

Aerie F.I.T. (Via <a href="">aerie</a>.)

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