I ain't no fool, April 1st!

man do i need some sleep. blog first! can't miss the first days blog!!

Today was productive as heck. 2 workouts in there too!


More Ballet

Barre Assets: No Tutu Necessary

I totally miss the ass I had when I was 16. I had two things working for me then: An apparent lack of gravitational pull afflicting me, and years of ballet classes. Heading to Barre Assets class at the Kips Bay Crunch, which is a ballet-inspired sort of workout, I dreamed I might get both back. Images of long past recitals played through my head. In fact, the experience was less pink tutu, and more ass kicking.

Ballet Barre

New York

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What am I getting myself into?

With my 3 1/2 year old screaming in the background, it seems highly unlikely that I will be able to meet this challenge, but meet it I must. I am a dancer. And I miss doing it. So little screamarella is just going to have to get over herself and join in the fun!


Los Angeles

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New York Sports Club - 41st and 3rd
Crunch - Kips Bay
Crunch - Lafayette Street
Always jammed. Get there early.

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Emergency Square Dancing

It's rainy outside, and you're recovering from early spring cold, or chronic depression. You can't handle gym right now. You wish you lived in a happy Southern town, where people played the banjo and made out in the hay loft. Admittedly, an obscure diagnosis, but here's the prescription: Country Line Dance from the Dance off the Inches series.

Dance Off the Inches: Country Line Dance

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Class Review

Perfect Medium

amid the varied levels, sizes and styles of salsa class, i found a perfect medium: an intermediate level, moderately filled class, led by a pint-sized teacher with keen eyes and a lotta heart. jeni is tiny and serious in a way that reminds me of a russian ballet mistress. she's also gentle and articulate in a way that does not.



NetFlix Old-School Exercise Videos Now

Do you remember your first workout video?  Oddly enough for me it was Richard Simmons in my Middle school gym. This was Utah, the early '90s.... I'll admit that I still find it marvelous to work out in my grungiest sweats with nobody watching. It's a workout you can laugh at; a workout you can pause whenever you want. These days, most imortantly, it's a workout you can Netflix.... With a few clicks, old-school favorites like Crunch's Fat Burning Dance Party could be streaming on your computer. Three dance parties in a 45 minutes: Party Salsa, Party Funk, and Retro Dance Party. All that super dancing, and zero public humiliation.

Richard! (via

Online & Video

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Coffee Break

Stomp it Down

Shut office door. Alert cube mates.

  • Fact: Jamie King has choreographed dance routines for celebs like Madonna, J-Lo, and Rihanna.
  • Fact: You could be dancing with Jamie for the next two minutes and fifty six seconds.
  • Fact: If you make it to the "Stomp it Down" sequence, you'll be smiling.
Jamie King

Online & Video

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Body Elite Health and Fitness Center

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