Endomondo Scores Big Coke Deal

Endomondo Coca-ColaToday's big social fitness headline: Coca-Cola forms "strategic alliance" with Danish fitness app maker Endomondo. Coke, (like Pepsi), is pushing to instill health-consciousness into its brand. Who says those Bloombergian anti-soda ads don't carry some weight? In any event, we approve of the move, which gives Coke's sports drink, Powerade, immediate daily exposure to Endo's global athlete-end users. Endomondo, clearly, gets a big marketing push. The service currently claims 12 million users, though unclear how many of those are active.

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The Coco Water Wars

Our friends from Vita Coco stopped by recently in matching green Vita Coco logowear. They had left the Vita Coco truck idling on Broadway. (It will soon head to Miami for the winter.) We asked them about the coconut water wars. They seemed confident, claiming to control 60% of the U.S. market, and inferring that rival Zico was on the run, pulling out of retail locations. That said, they acknowledged the geopolitical coconut water picture is in flux. In August, PepsiCo acquired Amacoco, Brazil's largest coconut water producer. Amacoco has yet to introduce its products in North America, but it would seem only a matter of time. Meanwhile, in September, Coca-Cola took a small stake in Zico. So the big guys are moving into position, and our boys with their Vita Coco camo gear and campaign vehicles are digging in for a long battle. Lord knows what's going on at those Brazilian coconut plantations.

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Pot, Coke, and Thyme: Guess Which is Good For You?

  • A new study says air pollution is harder on your body if you're overweight. Specifically: "Obesity and a midriff bulge (central adiposity) boost susceptibility to changes in blood pressure which are associated with ambient air pollution." It's no picnic being fat.
  • Researchers in Australia say drinking and driving is much more dangerous than driving while high. Smoke pot and get behind the wheel and you double or triple your chances of trouble, but drive after drinking and the chance of accident is 15 times greater. Dude. Maybe because stoners drive slower. In the totally gratuitous Friday video category, enjoy this footage of a drunk man doing inadvertent crunches on the floor of a convenience store.  
  • NPR reports that the American Association of Family Physicians have just signed a deal with Coca-Cola, which is paying the group to develop materials on how people can "incorporate sweetened, unsweetened, and artificially sweetened beverages in to a healthy lifestyle." Apparently the company is hoping there will be some materials that present their case a little more sympathetically than these NYC soda-fat ads. But totally scary to have your family doctor schilling for Coke.
  • Related: Scientists have discovered special taste receptors for carbonation. Might seem like we're doomed, but like many of you I'm soda free for all October and feeling fab so far. Take that, Diet Coke.
  • The Miss California Pageant is eliminating the swim-suit competition, presumably in an an attempt to be more politically correct. Also sashes. (This aftter Carrie Prejean embarrassed everyone last year.) Can paegents be politically correct? Should they even try?
  • Speaking of superficial, the Kardashians continue to say crazy things about their bodies. This time, Khloe is on the record saying, "I want to be a skinny pregnant person, like how my sister Kourtney looks cute pregnant. I can't be a house after I just lost weight." Egads.
  • The New York Times reports that thyme can cure toenail fungus.
Thyme (via <a href=">ccharmon</a>)

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