Ultimate Pushup Challenge: Michelle vs. Ellen

These women got upper body strength!


Sunrise Poetry

It's the first day of our February Challenge: Dawn Patrol.  If you woke up this morning, like I did, you know that there is no time like the sun's first light to make you want to jot down some deep, poetic thoughts.  My very favorite poet, Mary Oliver, writes about the glory of early morning.

Stay Accountable

Shout it from a Mountain Top

Do fitness challenges work? That's the question New York's best wellness blog Well and Good NYC poses in an article about the boom of group challenges at gyms and body-strengthening studios.

Word from the Creators

The Challenge

This week at Social Workout we've been trying to figure it all out. OK, not really ALL. We are figuring out how best to move forward with our challenges. We've spent the better part of the week analyzing, brainstorming, drinking a lot of coffee, drawing big arrows in our notepads and discussing what is to come next.

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