Aarona Pichinson


Harvest Yoga Retreat in the Catskills

  • Who: Our very own Aarona Pichinson
  • What: A long weekend of hiking, cold-plunges in waterfalls, soaks in the wood burning hot tub, two-a-day solar and lunar vinyasa flow classes, and a bonfire ceremony for the harvest full moon, with farm fresh meals throughout. 
  • Where: The Waterfall House in West Fulton, New York (the Catskills)
  • When: October 21 - 24, 2010

Waterfall House

New York


Yoga and Sailing Afternoon Retreat

Jetting to a far flung yoga retreat isn't your only option for getting away. On Saturday, June 26th, follow an afternoon of yoga in Riverside Park with a meditative sail off into the sunset. The deets:

  • Who: Yoga led by our very own Aarona Pichinson. Sailing with Ike Rodriguez, Reiki Master and US Coast Guard Certified Captain
  • What/Where: A balancing yoga class on the grass near the 79th Street dock in Riverside Park, followed by a three-hour sunset "meditation" cruise up the Hudson, returning under the light of the full moon.  
  • When: Saturday, June 26th. Yoga starts at 3:30 P.M., sailing starts at 5:30.
Ike Sails (via <a href="http://yogaofnourishment.com/retreats/">yogaofnourishment</a>)

New York

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Friday Night Yoga Soundscape Celebration

Join our very own Aarona Pichinson at YogaWorks Soho this Friday night for "Yoga Soundscape," a benefit celebration with DJ Derek Beres and live music with David "Duke Mushroom" Schommer (you may recall his delicious goji berry and coconut water smoothie) and Tom Rossi. Think breathing, grooving, and sweating it out yoga style with "musical nectars." All proceeds go to ACE (Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless). Details after the jump.


New York

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Practical Drinking

The Lemon-Ginger-Garlic-Pepper Winter Health Savior

Here at Social Workout HQ, we all have colds. Our landlord, co-founder of Flavorpill Sascha Lewis, is among the afflicted, and while some of us are drinking nasty, chemically-flavored Theraflu, Sascha, ever the natural wellness guru, is drinking a concoction of lemon, ginger, garlic, and cayenne pepper. He's the first to admit that the brew is aggressive in flavor, but you get what you pay for it, and what you're paying for here is power passage clearing effects. Sascha got the recipe from his friend Aarona, who got it from Jena at Jena Wellness, and we're passing it along in a similar friend-to-friend fashion. To all of you currently ailing, drink up and get well soon! Full recipe after the jump.

Ginger Root (via <a href="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3563/3338424891_75507af658.jpg">heymrleej</a>)

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Link Love

Play Wii for Credit and Do Yoga on 9/11

  • Whack: At the University of Houston, students can fulfill their Phys. Ed. requirement by playing sports games on the Nintendo Wii. We're waiting for the University of Phoenix to offer the same....
  • Endurance: The Amazing Race, Season 15 features a team of yogis from Encino, CA. Also poker players, a Harlem Globetrotter (appropriately), and the Vice President of Development at National Lampoon. Place your bets now. Separate, but related: Jeff Sekerak, ex-junk food addict turned "super fit vegan," is hiking 40 miles a day through Death Valley in an attempt to prove that man can flourish on a raw food diet. Give the man a Wii. And a Diet Coke.
  • Local Interest: The McCarren Park Pool renovation involves a skate park. It's not done yet — and budget cuts loom — but Curbed says the skaters have already moved in.
  • Recommended: Friday is 9/11. New York yoga teacher Aarona Pichinson (of Kula Yoga, Yogaworks Soho, Reebok, and the Park Slope Yoga Center) is hosting an "outdoor musical yoga experience" on Thursday evening to mark the occasion. The Yoga Soundscape features Derek Beres, of Equinox fame, on the turntables, as well as a frame drum, flute, and vocals. Just $15, at the Ritz Plaza Firefighters Memorial Park (midtown).
9/11 Memorials

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