Workout Wear

Workout Wear

More Sweat-Inspiring Words For Your Social Workout Tee

In all the excitement of Social Workout 2.0, you may have forgotten an exciting announcement — Social Workout t-shirts! They're available in five fabulous colors. They're soft and cozy. And you can customize them with mantras of many colors. Among our suggested t-shirt mantras: Sweat Therapy, Healthy is Sexy, and Crush Inertia. Now, our friends at Words to Sweat By have inadvertently provided a whole host of new possible t-shirt mantras. They've collected their favorite workout mantras in one handy blog post. Take a peek, then get to work making the best $14.90 purchase of your life.

Words to Sweat by Mantras:

  • Exert. Hydrate. Repeat. 
  • Carpe dumbells. 

SW Tee!

Workout Wear

It's Seasonal Gear Shift Time

Happy first day of Fall. Now that summer is over and done with it's time to go shopping. Well, for me to go shopping. Truth be told up until recently all of my exercise happened within the confines of the gym. I like it there, everything is organized and climate controlled...and I can wear the same black yoga capris and t-shirts to workout all year round. I've never had to amp up my fitness wardrobe for a change in climate before. But thanks to a newfound love of the outdoors I'm left with a dilemma...what the f@#k do I wear now? Lucky for me, and you, I did some research.


Other Places

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Incase you're in need of a product review: totally have this jacket ..." More comments...

Workout Wear

What You Should—And Shouldn't—Wear To The Gym, According to GQ

The folks at GQ gave the dudes of "Jersey Shore" a gym attire makeover. Full-size before and after pictures after the jump. Of note, shiny silver lamé basketball short manpris are (shockingly!) not GQ approved. Apparently, upgrading your gym wardrobe can also prevent awkward pointing at the camera behavior.

Jersey Shore Fitness (via NY Daily News)

Workout Wear

First You Buy A Little Luon, Then Before You Know It You Own a Plaid Running Skirt

It's getting to be a bit of a yawn by now, but Lululemon is once again in the news for killing it in the stock market. This time, the company is saying Luon doesn't get all the credit. Apparently, non-yoga apparel like jaunty running skirts and dance sweatpants are also flying out the door. My only question: Can't all sweatpants be dance sweatpants?

Running Skirt (via Lululemon)

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I practice Yoga way more than I run. And I really like their running ..." More comments...

Workout Wear

What To Wear For Your Hot Gym Pickup

Some people rock bitchface and serious VPL at the gym to ward off all conversation. Others dream of the day that hot boxer from class finally asks them out. Should you fall in the latter category, these two studies are for you. The first one, just published, says that women are more attracted to men who are wearing red. In the study, the same man wearing a red shirt or a blue shirt in a photograph was rated consistently more attractive by women when he was wearing the red shirt. The effect was consistent across cultures, or at least across the cultures where researchers conducted the study — the United States, England, Germany, and China. Second study, published in 2008, says the exact same thing for women, as in, ladies in red are rated consistently more attractive by men than ladies in blue, green, whatever. So gym pickup artists, should your treadmill prowess and sweaty yet sparkling personality not feel like quite enough, throw on a red shirt and go for it.

via Under Armour

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It's nice to know that us gays care about more than just clothing ..." More comments...

Workout Wear

Toning Shoes Get Ripped By Experts

Toning shoes haven't gotten universally great press. Jezebel hated the objectifying EasyTone ads. Starry04 hated them too. Some studies have cast doubts on their toning claims. But now USA Today has gotten a bunch of doctors and researchers together to really rip the shoes. Juicy tibdits:

  • "Nothing about these shoes has any redeeming value to me." — David Davidson, national president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine

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I could walk for the rest of my life in these 'magic' shoes and my ..." More comments...

Workout Wear

In Defense Of Underpants

It wasn't until very recently while overhearing some gym folk discuss undergarments that I realized not everyone wears undies at the gym. "Uhh, who wears panties to the gym?!" the woman said, and I suddenly felt like I was back in high school at that moment when I realized the jeans tide had turned some months back and my carpenter jeans were now advertising my terminal uncoolness. Maybe I was missing something awesome. Maybe I needed to try this new trend. So I did. This morning. 6 A.M. spin class. Commando. And here's why I plan never to do that again.

Underpants! (via <a href="">Tiago Ribeiro</a>)

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Holy crap how did I miss this post??? ..." More comments...

Workout Wear

Race Day Rags That Don't Disintegrate When Wet

Yes, you can wear an old t-shirt and basketball shorts for your next 10K, but something a little textile-techier might speed your journey. "The Material Girl," over on Outside's blog, recommends a number of race-day items, including the Moving Comfort Balance Tank. "I could've sworn I was wearing Kleenex when I tested out the Moving Comfort Balance Tank," she says, by which I believe she means "it was very light," rather than "my shirt disintegrated the second I started sweating."

Comfort Tank (via <a href="">movingcomfort</a>)

Workout Wear

You Should Be the Next Fila Girl

Last year, Fila scooped up daytime drama maven Susan Lucci for their Pilates clothing line. This year, they'd like to scoop up someone new. Someone named [insert your name here]. Fila is holding an open casting call tomorrow in NYC for women ages 25 to 50 (sorry, gentlemen). No models allowed. All you have to do is show up tomorrow at the Union Square Ballroom and show off your "great personality." Email to reserve your spot. If you get picked, you get to star in a Fila ad campaign, you get paid (yay!) and you also get a whole new Fila wardrobe. (via Vital Juice)


New York

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all the slot have been booked since monday at 5pm. oh agony! no ..." More comments...

Workout Wear

How Have You Gone All These Years Without Pantzies?

Perhaps you thought "panties" was the worst word in the English language. But I do believe I've found an even more mortifying word: "Pantzies," the name of HY-Jean Corp's new panty-liner product. (Note, for the moment, that I'm saying nothing about HY-Jean). Follow "Pantzies" with HY-Jean's tagline, "Like Candy for your Panties," and you may never stop wincing. I bring this up because the company specifically touts Pantzies as a workout panty-liner. They're made of "silky soft premium jersey knit fabric," they're quick drying, and they're specially treated to inhibit the growth of odor and bacteria. Up till now, you may have been fighting odor and bacteria by washing your underwear regularly. So outdated! Pantzies come in panty and thong shapes, but Hy-Jean suggests that they're an excellent "panty substitute" as well. In case you're not sold yet, a final note: They come in pink leopard print. Which isn't scary at all to see in your underwear...

Pantzies (via <a href="">HY-Jean</a>)

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