The Complete, Unabridged List of Social Fitness and Wellness Sites, Apps, and Devices

We've been compiling an exhaustive list of interesting products in the "social fitness/wellness" space. We're now well over one hundred, and it's clearly time to start sharing the love. If you'd like to make additions or changes, please tell us about it!

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Feats of Summer Challenge Bingo

Here's something we never considered: Team Feats of Summer. Or, better: Office Team Feats of Summer. Or even better, Office Team Feats of Summer Bingo. Following email comes into Social Workout HQ from kristinlee

"So, I'm going to admit the fact that I'm a total nerd, but wanted to share this with the rest of the Feats of Summer crowd. I have several co-workers who are joining the challenge, but not into the whole blogging part--to each his own. So I made a FoS bingo card for us to keep track of our workouts. I tried to upload it to the site in a post, but couldn't since it's a PDF. I've attached it to this email...Just thought I'd share."

Um, we're way into it. Thanks kristinlee, and welcome kristinlee's silient lurking officemates to the Challenge... Everyone else, please notice our Official new FoS Bingo Card, displayed as image here, and available for printing as PDF here. If we hear about more of this sort of thing, dammit, we're going to have to create a team category, and dig up a fancy new team prize. Hmm....


Raise said "

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