Peculiar And Not So Peculiar Yoga Injuries

Yoga injuries are on the rise, reports the New York Times. There's not a ton of data, but the U.S. Product Safety Commission listed 3,760 yoga injuries in 2004 and 4,450 in 2006, and then, of course, there's anecdote. Among the injuries the Times chronicles:

Yoga Injuries (via <a href="">nytimes</a>)

sunset45 said "

I did a face plant while trying to hold the Crane for 5 ..." More comments...


Beating the Blister Blues

Sweaty summer heat is blisters' favorite time to strike, so count yourself lucky if you're unafflicted thus far. Lest you think blisters are but a small thing, the Washington Post is out with a list of bad things that can happen as a result of a blister:

  • It hurts.
  • You run all weird to keep from rubbing up against it and mess up your joints.
  • Your blister gets infected, you ignore it, then, as one podiatrist puts it, "your foot could get gangrene and fall off."

 The Post's recommended gangrene and blister prevention strategies after the jump. 

Blister (via <a href="">Daniel Morris</a>)

Fraidy said "

Im the queen of blisters. I rarely come home without one. 

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The Teen Girl Gym Rat Phenomenon

Teen girls are taking up weight lifting in ever increasing numbers, reports a new study, (especially the college-bound junior athlete set) and one result is that they're sustaining an increasing number of gym injuries. Teen boys often injure themselves by moving up to heavy weights too quickly. Girls are more likely to suffer sprains and crushed fingers. In case you need a reminder of why it's really nice to be past puberty, one personal trainer who works with teens sums up the situation: "It's hard to lift properly when your body is changing from month to month." Gosh, it's good to be old. 

Teen Training (via <a href="">sfgate</a>)

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