Fighting Shape

Fighting Shape

The New Army Boot Camp

“What we were finding was that the soldiers we’re getting in today’s Army are not in as good shape as they used to be. This is not just an Army issue. This is a national issue.”

— Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, overseer of basic training for the Army.

“Between 1995 and 2008, the proportion of potential recruits who failed their physicals each year because they were overweight rose nearly 70 percent.”

— from "Too Fat to Fight," a report by a group of retired generals and admirals published earlier this year.

Both quotations published in a New York Times report today on the army's new boot camp training, which involves a lot more yoga and Pilates and a lot fewer long runs and other drills that are likely to injure new-to-fitness soldiers-in-training.

Basic Training (via <a href="">nytimes</a>)

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