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Far Flung Correspondents

Malbec and Pilates

Just returned from Argentina where it is late spring and flowers are falling from the trees. Heavenly, and I won't bore you with all the delightful details. But I will say this, in Buenos Aires, you expect to see tango studios and dance halls everywhere. I spotted a few, but they were vastly outnumbered by Pilates studios. Like one per block. Wine, steak, and sexy dancing, are great, new new revelations there. But I feel I spied a more subtle recipe for South American bliss on this trip: First, your breakfast should always involve caramel, and second, post-siesta Pilates is the afternoon answer. 

Pilates in Argentina (via <a href="http://www.kalipilates.com.ar/">kalipilates</a>)

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Far Flung Correspondents

Aerobics in Lhasa!

Rare fitness news from the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR): It seems the TAR Sports Bureau sponsored a "National Fitness Aerobics Competition" in Lhasa over the weekend. Seven teams competed, and 350 people showed up to watch. The goal: "To promote the concept of fitness and make contributions to economic and social developments." Oh, for a picture from that middle school gym, sadly unavailable via the Chinese news wires....  Much as we sort of love the notion of open-minded lamas embracing booty toning at 160 beats per second, we suspect the competition is a government brainstorm and fraught with cultural imperialism. (Echoes of Nigeria's recent running promotion in that government press release.) Suspicious fact: The winner of the contest was actually the old TAR Communications Department. Not likely that political self-determination is one of the "social developments" the TAR Sports Bureau was hoping to promote. But, whatever, a healthier Tibet is good for everyone. Also, please make mental note: Aerobics have arrived in the Himalayas.


Aerobics (via <a href="http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1310/1020888773_ed38d00652_m.jpg">stillinberlin.de</a>)

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Far Flung Correspondents

Triopetra Yoga Retreat

[This just in from Rebs Wilson, friend on extended jaunt around the world. A fragment from life with yogis on the island of Crete.... -The Eds.]

I arrived at Triopetra to help with computer stuff. My “bosses” are Ieva, a gypsy princess, who sings her Latvian folk songs while washing the dishes and cleaning the rooms; and George, often dressed in 70’s neon. In exchange for my work, I get to stay in yoga paradise for two months.

Each week a yoga teacher arrives with a new flock, car sick and terrorized from ride in, which features jaunty Cretan folk music, and narrow, winding roads attached by olive-tree roots to mountain faces poised to tumble into deep gorges.

Triopetra (Via Rebecca Wilson)

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Far Flung Correspondents

Run, Nigeria, Run

Confronted by a brutal oil war and a growing population of HIV/AID orphans, Nigerian Minister of the Environment John Odey has turned somewhat unexpectedly to fitness. Odey has unilaterally declared a monthly walking and jogging event for government workers. "When you are fit, it cuts expenses on health," says Mr. Odey. "That will give government a lot of money to do other things that the public needs." Certainly true. Also, says Odey, "A healthy nation is a wealthy nation," and  "when you sustain yourself, you sustain the environment because you are part of the environment." Very holistic, and tautological. Definite political fluff here, and likely also a weird ministerial power grab, but allow us to be naive and idealistic and supportive: Sometimes a good run is just the thing to shift a dire situation, no? Maybe Mr. Odey's fluffy initiative will get the overworked, broken hearted Nigerian body politic to drag itself off the proverbial couch, away from its tenth hour of Lost reruns and fried plantains, and out into the fresh air. In short, whatever the motives, we're all for it. Run, Nigeria, run!

Jogging (via <a href="http://www.ietonline.org/members%20of%20staff%20jogging%20on%20a%20Saturday%20morning.JPG">ietonline</a>)

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