Who Has a Right to that Empty Dance Studio?

9 P.M., and the gym is moderately crowded. The stretching area full, but the machines only somewhat so. Jumping rope is tricky in an urban, multip-purpose gym. There is no particular place set aside for it. You can station yourself in front of the underutilized chest-pully apparatus, or the sonic vibrating platform machine, but you must be aware of passers by. Float too far into the path of foot traffic, and you're being selfish, and ostentatious. Drift too far back and your rope rope may get  suddenly and dangerously tangled. Across the way, the rows of bulky, expensive cardio machines — some sitting empty — face rows of flat screen TVs.  Humans crave stimulus, and so gyms engage in the gym equipment arms race. Jump ropers go homeless. Ah, fitness capitalism, but pay attention to the CrossFit backlash!) 

Tai Chi! (Via <a href="">Rickyqi</a>.)

New York

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I usually ask if they mind...and/or ask if the space I'm using is ..." More comments...

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