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5 Free Online Yoga Classes For National Yoga Month

In celebration of National Yoga Month, My Yoga Online is offering five free online yoga classes. They range from a five minute "Clear and Calm Workplace Flow" to a 76-minute "Yoga For Heart Opening and Rejuvenation." Hoorah for free yoga!

Heartbeat Yoga (via

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Free Yoga Classes in Celebration of National Yoga Month

As previously mentioned, September is National Yoga Month (and heads up to the calendar challenged, today is the first of September). That means yoga movies and even more yoga stories in the already yoga-saturated news. But it also means lots of free yoga! A few of the freebies you should check out:

  • Lucy stores around the country (sadly, there's not one in New York) are offering free classes all month
  • Yoga studios in Austin, Dallas, Houston, L.A., and Philadelphia have organized free yoga days throughout the month.
  • And more than 1,000 studios across the country are offering free week passes.

Free Yoga via

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Super Cheap Bootcamp and Venus Williams New Workout Wear

A few deals we thought you should know about:

  • $39 for five Method Fitness women's bootcamp classes courtesy of Groupon. Classes are in NYC (Central Park). 
  • Gilt Group is kicking off a fitness and wellness weekend event today at noon. Log on for deals on Exhale Core Fusion classes, BluePrintCleanses, at-home Pilates reformers, yoga apparel and gear, running shoes, workout DVDs by Tracy Anderson and Michael Olajide, and clothing from Venus Williams' new line. Sign up at (if you're not already a Gilt member)

Venus (via

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Cheapquinox, Wanderlust, and DivaDance

Deals you ought to know about:

  • Today's NYC Groupon: a four-session package of either DivaHip Hop or DivaStrip dance classes at DivaDance Company for $32. 
  • Meanwhile, over at Gilt Group, they're giving away a free trip to Wanderlust 2011. (Wanderlust 2010 kicks off tomorrow! Still time for you to get on a plane to Tahoe!) 
  • And if you've already double-dipped on Equinox free passes but still need an affordable fix, consider Cheapquinox. Equinox is starting a new $20/month chain called Blink. First one opens this fall on Lafayette and East 4th. 
The New Blink (via

mariposa_3676 said "

EXACTLY fatbottom.  I just cancelled my $145 a month Equinox ..." More comments...

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$5 Student Deal at OM Yoga Center

$5 and a valid student gets you a lot of yoga. The deal:

  • Who: OM Yoga Center in Union Square
  • What: A whole bunch of classes (listed after the jump) for just $5 with a valid student ID.
  • When: Deal started yesterday, goes till OM calls it.
OM Yoga Center

New York

sassletics82 said "

I'll def be trying this. I love my NYU ID. This is almost as good a ..." More comments...

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Boot Camp Discount

FYI, today's NYC Groupon is 74% off Pure Power Boot Camp, so that's $80 for six sessions. And yes, Pure Power Boot Camp is the one where they wear camo.

Pure Power Boot Camp

New York

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Free Yoga Classes at OM Yoga

OM Yoga on 12th & Broadway is looking for work studies. The deal: You help out around the studio with stuff like data entry, flyering, mat cleaning, and errands, and for every three hours you put in, you get two free yoga classes. Interested? Email

OM Yoga (via <a href="">omyoga</a>)

New York

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Free Classes at Pure Yoga This Week

This week, Pure Yoga turns two, and to celebrate they're offering complimentary classes (though only one class per person, so you can't go totally nuts). Multiple classes available for the offer every day this week. But the most fun way to take advantage of the deal would be the Rock Your Chakras Anniversary Class, this Wednesday at 6:30 P.M. Live music courtesy of Derek Beres and EarthRise Sound System, plus organic wine, treats, and prizes. As a further bit of celebration, Pure has dropped their usual initiation fee to $2 this week, which is a better deal than the other supposedly fabulous deals they sometimes offer.

Pure (via <a href="">pureyoga</a>)

New York

michlny said "

FYI - Derek's class is FULL.

" More comments...

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50% Off Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

FYI, boot camp and Ariane Hundt lovers: Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp is today's Brooklyn Groupon. $45 for five classes. Donkey kicks for everyone!

Ariane (via <a href="">brooklynbootcamp</a>)

New York

FatBottomSlim said "

Thanks for the heads up! I LOVE her classes!

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Free Express Lululemon Shipping, Under Armour Sale in Midtown

Last-minute shoppers:

Under Armour (via <a href="">underarmour</a>)

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