Celebrity Fitness

Celebrity Fitness

Ryan Reynolds' Body Fat Percentage Is Probably Lower Than Yours

"For a romantic comedy, he needs to shrink down a bit. For Blade and Green Lantern, he was 200 pounds and 8% body fat. For rom coms, he’s about 180 and 11% body fat....I was with him in New Orleans [for the Green Lanterns shoot] for six months. We worked out seven days a week, 90 minutes a day, and never did the same workout twice."

Ryan Reynolds' trainer, Bobby Strom, explaining why muscles like Ryan Reynolds' may be a little out of reach for you...

Ryan Reynolds

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Celebrity Fitness

Sara Rue's Half Marathon Hurts My Lady Parts

I tweet, I admit it, but you know what I don't tweet about? My underpants. I personally prefer to keep the public underpants updates to a minimum. You know who doesn't? Sara Rue, Jenny Craig Spokesperson du jour. Yes, I am now imagining Sara Rue's vagina, and it's not my fault, she totally brought it up.

Her new skinny self ran a half-marathon over the weekend, along with her personal trainer. After the race she tweeted about having forgotten her undies at home, and how running commando is the only way to go.

Sara Rue

Los Angeles

Celebrity Fitness

Russell Simmons On Daily Good Works And Daily Yoga

"I find the more I give, the more I get back....To invest myself in giving back daily and doing good is part of my process. Daily good works are as important as my daily yoga practice."

— Russell Simmons, discussing his philanthropic involvement.

Russell Simmons (via thehiphopchronicle.com)

Celebrity Fitness

Schwarzenegger Yoga

You might think that Arnold Schwarzenegger's son, 17-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger, would feel some pressure to take up body building. Apparently, not so much. He's into hot yoga. See photo at left. You might also think that as the scion of the Schwarzenegger/Shrivers, young Patrick would feel some pressure to wear shoes when traversing grimy parking lots. But apparently, not so much on that front either (again, see photo). I hope his mother, Maria Shriver, who was at yoga with Patrick and who wisely took those few brief seconds to put on shoes after class (photos here), scolded him in the car on the way home. 

Patrick (via Daily Mail)

Celebrity Fitness

Kelly Ripa Thinks There's Something Sexy About The Sound Of A Group Workout

"I prefer a group mentality. I think there's power in a group, I think the group motivates everybody. I think everybody really pulls together, and there's something sexy about the sound and look of a unified group of people working out."

— Kelly Ripa, explaining to Bryant Gumbel that he's really missing out by sticking to solo workouts instead of following her into the wonderful world of spinning.

Kelly and Bryant

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I have to agree with Kelly!!  Love the music, the energy and ..." More comments...

Celebrity Fitness

The Anti-Gravity Yoga Facelift

Last week Courtney Love showed up at a movie premier looking pretty good, and instantly people started speculating that she'd had some sort of face-lift, in particular something extra scary/science-fiction-sounding called a "stem-cell face-lift." Not so, Courtney told Us Weekly yesterday. Processed fat from her butt had, in fact, not been injected into her face (if you look closely, you'll note she sadly has no butt fat to spare). Instead, Courtney says she looks much better than usual because she's surrounded herself with positive people and taken up "running and doing anti-gravity yoga." That and nixing that whole drug-addiction thing will, apparently, work wonders.

Courtney Love (via monstersandcritics.com)

Celebrity Fitness

Snookie Does Yoga, Refuses To Remove Shoes

Apparently, posing for yoga photos is the hot new thing for reality TV stars. Heidi Montag did it (while the yoga was minimal, the breast shots were not). Kim Kardashian did a yoga photo shoot in her backyard (backyard is not a euphemism. I mean, in the actual backyard of her actual house). And now...Snookie is in on the game. Low cut top, check. Awkward looking poses, check. Black yoga sneakers, check. Wait? Black yoga sneakers? Yes. Apparently Snookie does yoga with shoes on. 

Snookie Yoga (via Yoga Dork)

Celebrity Fitness

Martha Stewart Likes Really Ugly Yoga Pants

Last night on the Hallmark Channel, Martha Stewart sat down and chatted with Donna Karan. Then they did some yoga together. Of note: Donna Karan seems like she'd make a great yoga teacher. And Martha Stewart's yoga pants give the unfortunate illusion that her legs are being attacked by flesh-eating bacteria.

Online & Video

Celebrity Fitness

Susan Sarandon Kicks Off A Daily Ping Pong Challenge

"I think ping pong is the most fun way to stay in shape. You really work up a sweat and it's fun. It's good for your mind as well as your body. Unlike the treadmill, which kills brain cells, this actually invigorates you. In the past I've had a trainer, and I like yoga, but now my resolution is to play [ping pong] like, every day."

Actress Susan Sarandon, who I'm sure actually likes ping pong, but who, as the owner of SPiN, also has a slight vested interest. 

SS Ping Pong (via <a href="http://www.mamapop.com/2010/06/susan-sarandon-reality-tv-show-is-no-joke.html">mamapop</a>)

Celebrity Fitness

Lady Gaga's Latest Underwear-Only Yoga Pit Stop

Last we checked in with Lady Gaga, she was lounging around yoga studios in the midwest in only her underwear. She was in DC yesterday, and apparently she's keeping with the bra-and-panties-as-yoga-apparel thing. The Washington Post reports she showed up at Bikram Yoga Capital Hill wearing "five-inch Louis Vuitton heels and a gorgeous blazer, which she shed to work out in a bra-and-panty-type ensemble." Other than the heels, that sounds pretty normal for Bikram, which I think might say something about the craziness of Bikram. The studio owner claims that everyone else in class was all cool and unfazed by Lady Gaga, her panties, and her body guard. "Everyone's the same in the yoga room," she said. Which, I believe, is pure B.S. Maybe they pretended to be all cool, but they were all going crazy in their heads composing their exclamation-point-ridden post-yoga Facebook posts.


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