Goodbye to SocialWorkout 2.0!

Happy almost New Year. Sometime, perhaps ages ago, you registered This puts you in a group very dear to my heart, and one to whom I'm now writing for the very first and last time. I write with thanks, some big news, and a warm invitation.  

As many of you know, Social Workout began life as a blog covering all things fitness culture, and then morphed into a communal goal-setting site. Way back, before the first Fitbit, you brave people were setting goals and tracking your progress on Social Workout. To date, the site has hosted over 44,000 group challenges, logging millions of minutes of an endless number of activities. We've risen at dawn together, and counted our pushups, minutes of meditation, time unplugged, and even the number of times we've laughed or cried. To everyone who logged an activity, and/or who cheered for a friend: Bravo and thanks! 

Here's the big news: After all these years, we plan to retire Social Workout gracefully on March 31st, 2015. Don't panic, however, because here comes the invitation: Just in time for your New Year's resolutions, I'm proud and excited to invite all of you, old friends and new, to come check out our new, new thing: COUNT.IT

What is it? Well, COUNT.IT is still all about social goal setting, but while Social Workout is built for individuals, COUNT.IT is made for groups — specifically companies, schools, or any organization with co-workers willing to push each other to live well. <--break-->
Anyone can sign up 
for free on COUNT.IT in less than a minute, and create a team for their place of work — and we invite you to do it!

On COUNT.IT, every month brings a new challenge, and co-workers can cheer for each other, or battle other companies. Yes, each person can see not only how they're doing vs. their co-workers, but also how their office stacks up against other offices in their city, and even how their city is doing against other cities. And that's just the start. 

COUNT.IT has been fun to build, and we hope that some of the ideas in the new platform will make a splash in the world of corporate wellness. If you're curious, and/or in need of motivation, come along

What else? I'm pleased to say that the old Social Workout blog will live on indefinitely, and, with that, many of our early, beloved community threads and challenges. We'll post more information on all of this to our new Count It blog, but, if you have questions, you can always email us — that is, either myself or our legendary Managing Editor, Von Hottie.  

SO, as we like to say: The challenge is over, long live the challenge! 

Happy New Year, and see you soon on COUNT.IT


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