How Choosing a Pedometer Gave Me an Existential Crisis

We all know that I'm a woman who believes in the transformative power of accessories.Would I have ever survived a three-hour spin class without my tutu? Nope! Would I have ever learned to climb the aerial silks without my butt sequins? Never! Would I even consider lifting big weights without the presence of my trainer, Buffin*? Heaven forbid! So, when I started wondering how I would count my daily 10,000 steps for the True North challenge, I suddenly felt like my choice of tracking device could be a defining moment in my life. Which activity tracker would best convey, "You are so badass, you can walk for miles while wearing hot pink lipstick, and success, my friend, will be yours forever?" I wanted it all - a device that would count my steps, boost my morale, cuddle with me at night, and match my outfit.

First, I considered downloading one of the popular pedometer apps to my iPhone. However, I didn't really trust them, I didn't want to carry my iPhone around the heavy weights section of the gym, and I didn't like the color scheme, frankly. The apps are very economical, but none of them are pink. Harumph. Next, I considered swinging by a sporting goods store, and picking up whatever pedometer they recommended. But, that meant making a special excursion, I wasn't thrilled by the selection as it was presented on the store's website, and again, none of them were pink. Then came the onset of despair, and by despair I mean not getting my way. Sometimes it's hard being fit AND beautiful.

However, there is a happy ending! Social Workout recently became a Fitbit affiliate. Even better, Fitbits come in several colors, including magenta! A device that will count my steps, ship to my door, cuddle with me at night, match my outfit and clip to the front of my shirt? HUZZAH! All my dreams have come true! My Fitbit arrives on Friday, just in time for the kickoff to the True North challenge. I look forward to being transformed by my shiny new device from a silks-climbing pinup to a lean, mean, long-distance trekking machine.


What devices are you using to count your steps? If you'd like your own Fitbit, click our magical link here.

*OK, Buffin is a person, not an accessory, but sometimes an entourage is the best accessory.




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