A New Release from Gain Fitness

Owen Thomas was the first to rave to me about Gain Fitness back in late 2010. These guys are smart, he said, they're ex-Google. ('Nuff said!) And when GAIN came out, it had a wonderful look and feel. They promised to replace your personal trainer with an app that could generate customized workouts on the fly.

We customize workout plans based on an individual's body, goals, and lifestyle. Our algorithmic workouts are built from the collective knowledge of certified trainers, fitness experts, and the principles of exercise science.

Kind of like the Pandora of personal fitness. Owen wanted Social Workout and GAIN to join forces — in his mind simply combining what we had going in the way of communal challenges, with GAIN's excellent workout generator. I was pretty convinced that Gain, with its Silicon Valley pedigree, would rocket to the top of the market and leave us quietly puttering along with our more simplistic activity logging model. But Gain has been a bit more quiet than I expected over the last few years. From a great distance, my sense is that they've spent a lot of time and money on getting the workout generator going, but haven't quite cracked the code on the social aspects, i.e. motivating people to actually work out and use their app. (In my mind, the site to beat in this dept. is Fitocracy.) Well, Gain is launching a big upgrade Wednesday, which I learned via inbound message from their PR team. According to the flaks, THIS is what founder Nick Gammel always intended to build. Looking forward to checking it out! 


Gain Fitness

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