Eat Right

White Death

Sugar is the enemy. Americans consume far too much of it. It is thought to be extremely addictive, as much as cigarettes. It is thought to cause ill health including: diabetes, cancer, acne and depression.  It also has been found to increase the signs of aging. Nothing about it is good! But, gosh sometimes I feel a scoop a day of mind-blowing good ice cream for all world leaders could bring world peace.  

 In these modern times, there are so many alternatives to fat-laden, high-sugar treats. Think Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious cook book with this awesome brownie recipe or a healthy chocolate cupcake recipe that doesn't even list white death as an ingredient, instead calls for dates and applesauce. 

All Dawn Patrol Challengers who have woken up during all the weekdays of February are receiving an offering from the mega-healthy treat makers, Protein Bakery. The cookies and brownies include whey protein, to offset the blood sugar spike and have a much lower sugar count than your average gourmet cookie.  At SocialWorkout HQ: We love them. 

Crunch, crunch, munch, munch.


This has rightly said that sugar is as much addictive as a cigarettes and can be harmfui as well but as described above you can not tolerate the mouth watering ice cream sometimes but it should be in control sometime we are not aware of what is happening but would see the effects of it at last.




pass a drug test

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