My Soapbox

I think commercial soaps (Dial, Zest, Lever 2000, Dove) contribute to the high rate of cancer in the US. Just my personal theory. I just don't believe running synthetic ingredients all over your body everyday can be good.  Sodium Laurel Sulfate, found in nearly all toothpaste and shampoo brands is an industrial agent, and causes these products to lather. When we wash with that severity, we're also ridding the skin of its natural bacteria and oils. 

There are four different types of commercial and handmade soaps. Vegetable fat soaps, animal fat soaps, glycerin soaps and exfoliating soaps. Animal fat soaps tend to be extremely mild, cleansing and healing.

Lucky for me, Dawn Patrol Challengers who awoke to the first light half of the Febuary mornings are being gifted a 20% coupon for Goat Milk Stuff. (Yessss!) High in fat, vitamin A and minerals the handmade soap promises to deliver long-lasting, moisturizing and deliciously smelling soap.

I can't wait to indulge. 


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