Super Foods

The Next Big Thing

The first superfood hit the US market in the late 90s. It was the blueberry and the industry exploded. Since then, we've seen the goji berry, noni, mangosteen, raw chocolate, acai, blue-green algae and chia seed all became a must-have commodity.  

The very notion of a superfood is modern and American; it's marketing, not nutrition.  

Matcha is a superfood on the cusp of of its prime. Matcha is finely milled young green tea leaves.  Trend, health-obsessed Los Angeles serves matcha lattes on about every corner.  It'll catch on. Providing caffeine and higher antioxidants than regular green tea and available to drink in a variety of ways, its popularity will only increase in the next few years. (Check out DoMatcha, one of our companies offering a deal for successful Dawn Patrol participants!)

The superfood on the horizon: KonaRed. You saw it here first.

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Being a strong blood detoxifier and rich in vitamisns it is sure to be in the market or long time.

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