Give a Dog a Bone

Immediate Gratification

We're deep into week two of Dawn Patrol, waking up at sunrise each day. I'm not struggling, yet. Waking up at that hour just naturally gives some breathe and space to the day, otherwise impossible as the day gets going. Journal writing, Dharma talk listening, yoga, running along the East River...all activities leading to a more conscious and connected me. Translation: I'm happier.

Let's be honest, I can't keep it up. I am pushing it for the month of February because I want to win or win with my team. And, just about now-- mid-Feb-- it begins getting hard. Research shows time and time again how to change behaviors. Set a clear goal, accomplish it and reward yourself. Period. (That's why is so darn effective.) Research also shows that the size of the reward doesn't matter as much of the timing of the reward. The more immediate the reward, the more it will reinforce behavior.

That is why we're experimenting with giving special offerings early in the "social challenges." Our very first offering, just for signing up, is 20% off from The Company Store. Talk about immediate! Laura von Holt, Editorial Manager at, says "why would you wear a T-shirt to bed when you're sleeping in the jersey sheets?" She's been sleeping in them for two years and is a total convert.

Make a change, reward yourself in a small way and repeat. Repeat. Easy-peasy.

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