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Since I am in the business of wellness, personal goal setting and conscious living, what better way to start this Thursday than with a breakfast meeting with Deepak Chopra!  

I dropped by the offices of Aha Life for an early morning meet-n-greet with Deepak where he introduced the newest addition to his expanding empire, Deepak's Law of Attraction button. (On sale February 14th through Aha Life.) The button holds two exclusive tracks about setting intentions and living in the moment.  I've already listened to it and can endorse the audio quality, his compelling explanation of the law of attraction and the incredibly useful thirty minute guided meditation.

Deepak wasn't the only celebrity in the room.  All eyes were on his good friend, the gorgeous, warm and funny Rachel Roy, in studded heels and perfect red nails.

I caught the elevator down with Rachel and a few other beauty curators and bloggers after the talk.  In the elevator, we all quickly shared our impressions of Deepak, "what a calming presence Deepak is...he said that his work takes no effort, can you believe that....his presence just lights up the room".  

As we all stepped outside to begin our impossibly busy days, Rachel said, as she stepped into her town car, "I just hope this helps me be less of a bitch today at work."  

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Love it!

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