I Challenge You

You Need Me

Hey, we're on to something here. Below I am going to list just a few, easy to identify, companies and organizations who are running challenges without challenge-friendly social media software.  Why does it matter? The challenge partipcants are missing out on A) social commraderie online B) fun.  The companies and organizations are missing out on increasing competition--and, therefore, enthusiasm, passion, teamwork and engagement.  Frankly, this is a waste.   

Good Magazine has been putting on challenges and is using Facebook for the social aspect. No reason for Good to encourage users to leave their own site. The Knoxville Marathon is getting companies involved to join as teams in the April race. Too bad companies can't trash talk each other during these difficult traning months. And Matt Cutts believes you can do anything for 30 days. 

A few more challenge genres: a beauty magazine, eat locally, US Public Schools, The Wellness Community, a music challenge, a better body, recycle challenge, a cereal company, running challenge, a donut challenge, a yoga challenge,and saving energy.  

This is only the beginning of identifying the far-reaching possibilites of SocialWorkout technology. 



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