Word from the Creators

The Challenge

This week at Social Workout we've been trying to figure it all out. OK, not really ALL. We are figuring out how best to move forward with our challenges. We've spent the better part of the week analyzing, brainstorming, drinking a lot of coffee, drawing big arrows in our notepads and discussing what is to come next. A lot of questions are on our minds: Will real prizes get more people motivated to sign up for challenges? How can we increase the number of people who sign up to do a challenge and actually start it?  What kind of incentive do people need to perform well? Are coupons enough? What percentage of people will actually redeem their coupons? If we challenge people to wake up at dawn everyday, how will we ask people to log it?  How much promotion will we do and to whom?  

Our Yoga Journal 21 Day Challenge has been a huge success and we want people to stay motivated and immediately hop on to the next challenge. We are pretty sure that if performance does increase because of prize incentives that we will proceed by offering prizes for any challenge that has 30 people or more.  In the future it will be for challenges that have 2K people or more :)

For our wake-up-at-dawn challenge, I've been reaching out to coffee and tea companies, organic bedding companies, superfood beverage companies asking them to offer coupons to our winners. Waiting to hear back. In the meantime, brainstorming continues.  



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