Hello Awesome


I am teary eyed.  Verklempt.  I think I just felt a stirring in my soul. I feel so darned inspired!

I've been reading the Social Workout challenge page and I think people are setting out--and doing--the coolest things.

 Khrystyne K., Folsom , CA is cleaning up her diet and excercing so she can look better naked.  Marianne B., is on a creativity challenge, "For too long I have let the day in day out grunge rob me of my creative spark. No more!"  And Nicole A., Stamford, CT is determined to do 100 squats a day. A demanding goal that will result in a beautiful backside.  

I love this community, the challenges and seeing all social workouters hold themselves accountable to live their highest.   Rock. On.    


Tags: Inspiration

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