Technology for Fitness

Let's Get Personal

BodyMedia, Inc. has introduced a new technology to take the guess work out of losing weight and increasing your fitness.  The company has long sold body monitors to track calories burned, steps taken, and sleep, but this new "coaching" technology, using IBM software, actually gives advice about what to do next. From the company's press release yesterday:

For instance, if a user slept too little, was not active enough, and ate several meals that are high in fat, the device will offer tips and advice on what types of activities must be done to still meet their weight loss target....The Activity Manager software analyzes and stores that data and allows users to set individualized activity goals and document daily food intake.

What's the retail price? Not yet posted on the website, but it is bound to be less expensive than a nutritionist, personal trainer and cook, and much more truth-based than your inner critic.

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