New York Companies Use Social Media and Corporate Rivalry to Lose Weight

Move over corporate softball league! New York City companies are using Social Workout to boost corporate wellness in the first-ever public, inter-company, virtual fitness challenge. has partnered with Equinox Fitness and Gatorade to produce Project Fit, a company vs. company fitness challenge in New York. Over eight weeks, nearly one thousand people from nine company teams, including Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, Ogilvy & Mather and Time Warner are competing to slim down and win prizes.

During the eight week challenge, each participant will receive three official body fat percentage measurements at an Equinox club location via state-of-the art “body composition analyzer” from InBody. Those readings are uploaded to, which tracks team body fat averages over the course of the challenge on a public leaderboard. (Individual scores are kept private.) To participate, challengers must also complete a minimum of 180 minutes of exercise a week, and log their activity on

Markets are up! Deutsche Bank was the early challenge leader, but, by the midpoint check-in, Team NASDAQ had taken over the top spot, both for lowest and most improved average body fat percentage. Final measurements will be taken the week of November 14th, at which point each member of the winning team will take home Grand Prizes, including free Equinox memberships, personal training sessions, and more.

With growing concerns around obesity in America and the escalating price of health care, the corporate wellness industry is booming. Yet conventional enterprise wellness products and services — gym discounts, breakroom lectures, smoking cessation — remain "inside the firewall." Social Workout and Equinox are tapping into a more powerful force: corporate rivalry!


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