Finding Beauty

The Beauty of Desire

Desire is not a problem – it is our very nature. This is one of the first things that my teacher Dr. Douglas Brooks said when I met him nine years ago in the big kick-off weekend for my Anusara® Yoga Teacher Training. His statement continues to resonate as powerfully for me now as it did that first icy but exciting January day.

Desire is our nature. For me, this exuberantly exploded the popular trope that we are trapped and bound by desire - that we are mired in a cycle of always wanting more and that we can never be satisfied until we somehow free ourselves from that inclination. I listened and thought yes! The fact is that I enjoy my desire. I love that longing, that yearning, that delicious notion that there is always more to do, more to feel, more to accomplish, more to taste…and that my desire can take infinite forms, pointing the way toward a multiplicity of experiences and possibilities.

Desire is what gets me out of bed in the morning – the memory of how much I love that first flowery taste of my hot milky tea, that initial yawningly satisfying stretch of my morning Surya Namaskar, the promise of plans and conversations with friends, the excited wait for that satisfying press and scratch of pencil on paper as I draw. Desire is what motivates me, excites me, inspires me. Desire makes me care passionately about things and about people. I love that I can be moved to tears by a Picasso painting or a Fellini film or the taste of a distant hillside in a great glass of wine. I feel incredibly fortunate that I am so deeply connected to my desirous self that it repays me with joy on a daily basis.

I want to become ever more in touch with my desire. I want to step deeply into the flow of passion that moves through my everyday life. Join me: close your eyes, go inside for a moment, and reconnect to that glowing ember called desire that constitutes your very core.

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Desire is something that is natural and it is part of everyone. Without it we are just hollows!

tonyta's picture

tonyta - i agree...absolutely - it's all about how we align with our desirous impulse!

Susanna Harwood Rubin's picture

I want a porsche cayenne!

melisa2's picture

@ melisa2 - i hope you get one! :-)

Susanna Harwood Rubin's picture

In my opinion the desire (feelings) is what makes us Human. Without it we are good as dead.

antonio2's picture

I totally agree with Antonio!

pauli2's picture

and I agree with both of you!

Susanna Harwood Rubin's picture

Ya for sure, so much needs to come from within.  It can't come from outside motivating factors :)

Tasha_Phillips05's picture

Desire is not a problem as long as we use it for self development or self motivation ,but when someone desire to control others life that becomes a problem i.e when we start expecting from other people they probably can do or give that desire creates problem for both.

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