Marketing Triumphs

Lebron's Workout Playlist

Straight from the Equinox Battlestar via panting press release: Lebron James's workout playlist! That's right, Equi got Lebron (or Lebron's handlers) to create a workout playlist just for them, and the proper way to listen to said playlist turns out to be while wearing Dr. Dre's trademarked over-the-ear headphones, "Beats by Dr. Dre." Mad props to the Equinox marketing axis for opportunistic deal making, (despite any obvious sign of real hip hop street cred around the club.) They're on a roll over there. This is the same marketing department whose latest billboard campaign puts David Barton to shame: Half naked models in bed wearing stilettos and fondling a Polaroid cameras. "What are they thinking?" asked one appalled Equi yoga teacher to an SW operative. "They're dishing out cheeseburgers, and I'm serving up filet mignon. But I want a raise, so I'm not going to say anything." Ah, capitalism. So, right, click through Lebron's playlist.... 


  • On to the Next One (feat. Swizz Beatz) — Jay-Z
  • Aston Martin Music (feat. Drake & Chrisette) — Rick Ross
  • Four Kicks — Kings of Leon 
  • No Love (feat. Lil Wayne) — Eminem
  • That’s All She Wrote (feat. Eminem) — T.I.
  • Kush (feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon) — Dr. Dre
  • Coming Home — Diddy- Dirty Money & Skylar Grey
  • Misery Business — Paramore
  • Carry It (feat. RZA, Raekwon & Tom Morello — Travis Barker, RZA, Raekwon & Tom Morello
  • Good Life — OneRepublic
  • Another One Bites the Dust — Queen 
  • Runaway — Kanye West & Pusha T
  • What I’ve Done — Linkin Park
  • Bodysnatchers — Radiohead 
  • Use Somebody — Kings of Leon 
  • 6 Foot 7 Foot (feat. Cory Gunz) — Lil Wayne & Cory Gunz
  • Stronger — Kanye West
  • Pressure — Paramore
  • Over — Drake
  • Eye of the Tiger — Survivor


Lebron's Phones! (Via <a href="">Greasy Guide</a>.)


Interesting post. I found that listening to music can really impact how much drive I put into the workout, and how long I can sustain the intensity. Seems like LeBron has some good taste in music too. I like to


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