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Ride the Zone R.I.P.

Have been a Marion fan since the very beginning days above Calypso and watched her evolve into one of the best spin instructors in NYC and Easthampton. The closing of the Easthampton studio in two weeks will mark the end of an era. Made a lot of good friends there and burned through tens of thousands of calories. Marion, I wish you well, my friend! But am going to miss RTZ terribly.  



very sad indeed.... i do not know the details yet... Marion emailed that she would let us know...  but i am pretty bummed abt it.

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Ah, bittersweet. Marion is a great one, and she'll no doubt move on to wonderful, new things. But definitely the end of an era. Does any other teacher ride as hard, and with as much energy, as M.R.? 

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She was the pioneer and certainly an end of an era. Marion is one of a kind; her hippy chic vibe coupled with her individual leadership style, unparraled inspiration and contagious positive energy will not be matched. Her studios will be missed. So finishing my friend's last class on New Year's Eve in EH will be tough for me. I'll keep in mind that she's on to great things and will look forward to hearing about the next chapter of the fabulous Marion's journey. All the best, Miss Mare. xoxo

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Have also been with Marion "from the beginning" since the days over Calypso...She raised the bar for what spinning should be like and I've judged all other instructors accordingly.  Truly the end of an era and we can only hope that she will continue to be a fabulous presence and share her great positive energy in some other setting.  Wishing you the best , girlfriend!

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Excercises should be done reguraly because they are good for the health.

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I commit doing 1 every day.

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