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Holidayasana Week Two and Big Deals on BluePrintCleanse

It's Day 6 of our Holidayasana challenge, and just about 300 yogis have logged 396 hours of yoga, 718 healthy meals, 70 hours of volunteering, and collectively avoided thousands of disposable plastic bags. All that good work will not go unrewarded! Today we add another free trial class to your virtual gift bag, as well a special deal from our generous sponsor BluePrintCleanse. Read on for the details, and some helpful challenge hints. Also, not to worry if you haven't joined the challenge or started logging your activity yet. There's still time. Come along!


BluePrintCleanse, purveyor of awesome raw juice cleanses, offers an exclusive 15% discount on all juice cleanses or Juice 'Til Dinner to all Holidayasana challengers. Simply enter the code: "SWBPC" when making a purchase at the BluePrintCleanse online store. Offer is good through this Wednesday 11:59PM EST.

DANSKIN, premier maker of active apparel, is offering an across-the-board 20% discount on all their merchandise to all Holidayasana challengers! To get your deal, visit, and input: "SW2010" in the "Coupon Code" field when you get to the online checkout.


We now have SEVEN studios offering free trial classes to Holidayasana challengers. To get your free class, simply present our secret code — HOLIDAYASANA2010 — at the front desk of any of the studios listed below.


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Holidayasana Day Six!

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