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Gymhopping into Your Ex

New York's a big city, right? With lots and lots of gyms. And lots and lots of people. Right, well, leave it to BoS to inadvertently gymhop (quite unawares) to the favorite workout spot of a guy she had said her goodbyes to not even a week prior. Well done, BoS....

So here's how it happened: I was gonna do a boxing class with my fave fitness blogger, Mizzfit, but when that fell through I hastily decided to swing by the YMCA, one of the gyms I hadn't yet checked out. I show up at 6:30 P.M. and jump right into a "Fitness for Athletes" class, led by a former football player known as "Sexy Rob."

We run stairs with Sexy Rob, nad jump over hurdles, and push around mats laden with 45 lb weights. Actually, the class is pretty good, and Sexy Rob gets on me for not even being tired. I give it right back to him for not pushing me hard enough. Banter, banter. Punctuated by a hilarious Italian woman who had just moved here from Rome, and kept asking: "Instruuuctor, veech part of ze body eezexeercize suppoze working?" To her credit, lady was at least 40 and had a rock hard bod.

Anyway, class over, I wand towards the locker rooms, ready to wash the grime and sweat off my face, when suddenly I spot Cute and Funny Yuppie from Salsa class. (Yes, we kept in touch. Not everything gets written up around here.)

There he is, wearing a karate gii and drinking from the water fountain. Not even a week after we had pulled the plug, citing my imminent move to Paris. Thankfully, it was a completely amicable breakup, and it hadn't gotten serious to begin with. But I really never thought I'd see him again, let alone at the gym, spitting his water out...because he had just spotted me too!

Oh man. It was great. His instructor was right there too. He introduced us. We chatted. How did I not remember that this was Cute Funny Yuppie's gym!? He had definitely mentioned it... hell we had even parked his car in front of this gym once! So much for attention to detail I guess.

Anyway, it was pretty amusing, and it made me very glad that he wasn't an awkward person who would make it any weirder than it was. We hugged it out, I wished him a good practice, namaste, and was on my way.

The gym: YMCA
The location: Upper West Side
Pass: One week free pass (available on their website, but I had a card too, don't know from where)

Karate Dude! (Via <a href="http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:JKA_Karate_Kamae_Knuckles.jpg">Wikimedia</a>.)

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