Buns of Steal

Buns of Steal Gets a Brazilian

Leandro Carvalho's Brazil Butt Lift DVD begins with the following words...

"The Butt... They Come in All Shapes and Sizes.... but what if you could have the perfect butt you've always dreamed about?....My Booty is my best feature. My booty is Round, Hard, Firm... I get Whistles and Cat-calls... "

Glamour magazine has dubbed Carvalho the "butt master." Alessandra Ambrosio raves about him. He's got a "booty blueprint guide"  with a "pencil test" to help you determine if your ass is too big. 

Look, I'm really not sure how I feel about all that, but my pseudonym is "BunsofSteal," so does that make me the pot or the kettle? For my first class back at Equinox Fitness, my favorite recent conquest, I decided I had to investigate. 

The class is PACKED. Fifty women, with buns of various steeliness mill around. Finally, in walks a Brazilian man, sexual orientation ambiguous, butt thoroughly lifted. With a click of the iPod, the Samba music is blasting and Leandro is ready to get to work on our collective bootie.

Imagine if someone painted a perma-smile onto a drill sergeants face. That's Leandro's demeanor. He's got to be nice, because,  hell, he's at Equinox, which rhymes with Botox, and trophy wife, and various other things I'm sure, but one must be careful not to offend, even if you're a celebrity group fitness instructor. 

But, really, what he's thinking is, "Theeeez beeeetchez. Zey will last not a day on zee beachez of Copacabana with theez flabby white asses." Or at least this is what I'm thinking as I do my butt lifts.

To be honest, the butt lifting was pretty dope. Half an hour of squats, lunges, twists, jumps and holds. I'm sore as I write this.  Brazilian Butt is followed by Brazilian arms (not as famous), and then Brazilian tummy tuck (you're better off going to Colombia, really). Ninety minutes of weights/cardio. Not bad at all. Thanks Leandro, and as always, thanks Equinox....

The gym: Equinox
Location: 76th street
Pass: Three day free pass courtesy of a friend (but you can request a free trial through their website too).



I took his class several times, and I love it. However, Brazilian Butt has new competition Tonique - Sylwia at Printing House is seriously equipped her butt is better than most of the angels and she is a mom of two as she says! The workout is a killer, probably the hardest class i ever taken! She says --- I want every woman to has amazing butt! I must admit SHE DOES A GREAT JOB!!!

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