Buns of Steal

Kangoo Hits Times Square with the KanGURU

I am bouncing wildly through Times Square on what can only be described as moon boots strapped to pogo sticks. Several feet in front of me is Mario, an incredibly fit, mohawked 28 year old who serves as America's most public face for the Kangoo movement. The tourists are going gangbusters, taking our photos as we bounce, flash mob style, between yellow cabs and city busses, sprinting across the street on our 6 inch extensions, dodging pedestrians and onlookers. The shouts followed us as we bounced along:

"That's sooo f'ing cool!"
"Where do you buy them?"
"Can you do tricks?!"

So how did I get there?

I actually blogged about Mario's kangoo class at Crunch gym a few months back, when I managed to work up a sweat but put some nasty gashes in my ankles. Mario, who leads group exercise classes and also hosts group runs through the city, read my blog and offered up a free session. This time, I came armed with knee socks.

Only problem: I failed to realize just how much running Mario and I would be doing... so I stupidly ran down to Columbus Circle from my place on 119th. Three miles and change later, I arrived, semi-exhausted, to meet Mario.

"Ok," he says, "lets go for a run."



But run we do, and it is great. Honestly - and I didn't think I'd ever say this - Kangoo is a pretty ideal workout. It's totally low impact, the four pound Kangoo boots act like weighted shoes, and the need to balance works your core while you run. Plus, its FUN. Seriously, its ridiculous and hilarious, running around like Inspector Gadget, evoking stares from passerby. As I tell Mario about three miles into our Kangoo run, "I'm exhausted, but I don't want to stop!"

The Kangoo boots are pricey - $229 - although Mario sells them for $200. But, I dunno, I think I would be willing to make an investment... I mean, they last longer than regular running shoes, and its SUCH a good workout. 

The workout: Private kangoo lesson from the Kanguru himself, Mario Green.
The location: Midtown Manhattan (you can imagine how this played out...)
The pass: Blog pass, my friends... all this incessant writing does yield freebies from time to time.

Julia Kangoo!

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