Adding Gum to Your Smoothie

Department of smoothie intel: Smoothie Girl Eats Too covers an important scientific mystery today, i.e. how to thicken a smoothie using guar gum and xanthan gum. Huh? Yep, check it:

...the gums are natural carbohydrates and they do have calories: 20 per 7 g of Guar and 30 per 9g of Xanthan. They impart no flavor to smoothies, but make the shakes thicker and creamier. They prevent ice crystals from forming and therefore make very thick and luscious smoothies and ice creams.

I had absolutely no idea, but apparently these gums are available at a health food store near you. And here's another tip: The new way to ingest your smoothie is via bowl. There's even an acronym for this phenomenon: SIAB (Smoothie in a Bowl). Consider yourself in the know.

Smoothie Girl Eats Too

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