Swimmers' Version of Everest: "Ocean's Seven"

Extreme swimming is old hat. Cross the English Channel? Ho hum. Circle Manhattan? Whatevs. OK, so now it's not about doing any single insane feat of swimming endurance, it's about doing all seven of the great swims. The Wall Street Journal has the story:  

Steven Munatones, a coach and marathon swimming guru...devised the Ocean's Seven—a list of channels that a well-rounded marathoner should master—and posted it on his website devoted to distance swimming. There's the English Channel, for old time's sake; as well as the Catalina crossing; Cook Strait in New Zealand; the Tsugaru Channel in Japan; and the shortest, the Strait of Gibraltar, about eight miles between Spain and Morocco. Most swimmers say the toughest are the Molokai Channel in Hawaii, at 26 miles, and the frigid North Channel between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Think of that next time you're swimming laps. Just for reference: It takes 24 hours to swim to Catalina Island from Los Angeles....

Under the Bridge! (Via <a href="">ceonyc</a>.)

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