Watch Out For Night Lights and 50-Somethings Without Condoms

Today in science:

  • An Evil Glow. That freaky nightlight in the photo is a demon that makes everyone who comes in contact with it fat. Or, to put it in scientific terms, mice who spent eight weeks with a dim light on at night gained 50% more weight than mice who slept in the dark. So what, they were tired so they ate more and moved less? Not so simple! In fact, their physical activity and their food were held constant. So the real explanation is that sleep disruption messed with their metabolism
  • Sex vs. Puking. Did you know German drug makers were working on a female viagra? It was called flibanserin, and the company just pulled the plug on it. Why? As NPR reports, "Women taking the drug only had about one more satisfying sexual event each month than those taking a sugar pill. And there were side effects, including dizziness, nausea and fatigue." One satisfying sexual event for an unspecified amount of barfing? Yeah, I can see why they pulled that. 
  • Ice Cream Alert. Next time you eat ice cream too fast and you clutch your head and yell BRAIN FREEZE and the person across from you nods knowingly, they're probably faking their sympathy. It turns out only about 1/3 of people ever experience brain freeze. So chances are they have no idea what you're talking about. 
  • 50 and Ready For Action. According to the latest National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, teenagers are way more responsible when it comes to condoms than 50-somethings, who are also hooking up a lot more than you might expect. 
  • Rescued By Vitamin D. Remember how most of us are vitamin D deprived and if we got enough we might be transformed into super humans? (Or at least humans who are less prone to dire illnesses). Well, there's more evidence of vitamin D's wonders. Babies born with higher levels of vitamin D are likely to have better insulin sensitivity at age 3, which means lower risk of obesity.  

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